New webinars on MCQ and CBT

*Update 08.09.2023 EPSO intends to use automated proctoring we are concerned at the prospect of retrospective elimination.* Original article: To assist you in preparing for ongoing and future competitions, Generation 2004, in collaboration with Ya Semos Europeos, is offering free online webinars on multiple choice questions (MCQ) and computer-based tests (CBT).

These webinars will provide you with valuable tips and tricks for both types of assessments.

Please note that all seminars will be conducted in English. Continue reading New webinars on MCQ and CBT

End of the solidarity levy?

Every once in a while, and with increasing frequency in the run-up to its stated end date, we here at Generation 2004 receive a request for clarification about the solidarity levy. This ostensibly temporary measure is 6% of the basic salary (but 7% for those in AD15(2) and above: here are the salary scales for your to check that impact).  

Continue reading End of the solidarity levy?

Walking away when things go wrong? Sudan

The situation in Sudan is undoubtedly difficult, with the ongoing conflict affecting the lives and well-being of the population. Our local agent (LA) colleagues in the delegation there are working under these conditions to serve our EU mission and values. Their commitment and resilience in the face of such challenging circumstances deserve our utmost admiration and support. Continue reading Walking away when things go wrong? Sudan

Grange childcare: loss of trust!

The European Commission has many sites, some bigger ones, like Brussels, Luxembourg and Ispra, some smaller ones like the smaller JRC sites (Karlsruhe, Geel, Seville) or the satellite site in Grange, Ireland (technically part of Brussels) – home to directorate F (‘Health and food audits and analysis’) of DG SANTE and some colleagues from DGT – not to forget the support staff from the different offices. Continue reading Grange childcare: loss of trust!

LACC canteen closed permanently, what’s next?

The Commission continues to make savings, this time by permanently closing both the childcare facilities in Grange, Ireland and LACC canteen in Luxembourg. We’ve already mentioned the short-notice permanent closure of the Hitec (HTC) building at the end of 2022 and the short-notice change of the newest Commission building (MERP) from open space to hot-desking in open space ‘dynamic, collaborative space (DCS)’ just as staff moved in (March 2023). Continue reading LACC canteen closed permanently, what’s next?

Interim staff at the Commission: FAQs

Here are some Generation 2004 frequently asked questions (FAQs)[1] and sources on interims, those temporary colleagues who are often expected to be up to speed and functional within a very short space of time. This can often translate in real life as having been ‘thrown in at the deep end’ and expected to ‘hit the ground running’ without much information about how things really work. Continue reading Interim staff at the Commission: FAQs

Making informed decisions: Luxembourg

Have you considered that your competition may include roles in Luxembourg? Many more institutions are present in Luxembourg than you may think (e.g. the European Parliament and the Council).  Be ready to make informed decisions about your available options. Yes, Luxembourg has free public transport countrywide. Yes, the Commission will pay for your citybike subscription. Yes, Luxembourg might subsidise your new bike/electric vehicle. Continue reading Making informed decisions: Luxembourg

Follow-up survey on teleworking, hybrid working and TWA

*Update 09.08.2023 please declare the TWA days you use! See footnote [*] for how and why.* Original article: We ask you to participate in a follow-up survey about teleworking, hybrid working and teleworking from outside the place of employment (TWA) in order to make a comparison with the answers you provided to our two original surveys: Working time and teleworking (and the results) and Survey on teleworking from abroad. Continue reading Follow-up survey on teleworking, hybrid working and TWA

Harassment package: next steps

We provide an update on the new anti-harassment package. We had a political consultation with Commissioner Hahn on 12.07.2023, concluding the series of the social dialogue meetings (started January 2023 [1]) to draft the new decision on the prevention of and fight against psychological[2] and sexual harassment. This last meeting underlined the political will and the commitment to make a difference regarding the anti-harassment package, which text of which will now be submitted for decision. Continue reading Harassment package: next steps