…are a dynamic staff association campaigning against injustice and inequality in the EU institutions.

give a voice to the interests of staff recruited to the EU Institutions after 2004 and 2014 concerning their diminished career prospects and employment conditions.

…aim for a unified EU Public Service that is based on fair, just and motivating employment conditions for all its employees.

The so-called “2004 Reform” and the subsequent “2014 Reform” of Staff Regulations (the legal act that sets all your rights and obligations as an EU employee):

  • marked the most substantial changes ever to the employment conditions of EU staff.
  • was heavily biased towards the ‘acquired rights‘ of the then existing staff.
  • had meant all the downsides were borne by new recruits.

As a consequence:

  • the new recruitment policy of the institutions is marked by artificial “juniorisation” of staff.
  • there has been the creation of vulnerable categories of staff, i.e. the Contract Agents.
  • there has been fragmentation of the EU workforce, presided over by biased administration and inapt “professionalised” trade unions.

Who are we – Generation 2004 ?

  • founded in 2012 as a grassroots reaction to the reforms and to the indifference of existing trade unions.
  • a dynamic staff association.
  • with 27% support we are the biggest locally represented individual staff organisation in Brussels.


What we stand for

  • We seek an open dialogue with all EU Institutions and their administrations.
  • We will continue our campaign until concrete actions to address inequalities and reduce the career gap in a sustainable way.

Our Mission

We aim in particular to:

  • Create a modern and unified EU Public Service that applies internally the same principles it imposes on EU member states, including the non-discriminatory recognition of both internal and external professional experience.
  • Improve HR management in particular by enforcing equal professional and career prospects for all staff, following the principle of “equal recognition for equal work”.
  • Contribute to the design of any future project of reform of the Staff Regulations, ensuring that the lessons learnt from the 2004- and 2014-reforms are taken into account.

Why is Generation 2004 different from any trade union?

  • We fight for a Fair Career, Fair Pay & a Fair Pension.
  • We expose unfair treatment through fact-based analysis.
  • We welcome contribution from our members and profit from our collective intelligence.
  • We are independent and free of any bias in our actions on any internal or external influence.
  • We charge only nominal membership fees and do not make a profit out of our members.
  • We have internal organisational rules which guarantee democratic decision making.