Art 90 Template – Promotion exercise 2016

Dear G2004 members,

First of all, we would like once again to congratulate those (numerous) of you who received their well-deserved promotion during the 2016 promotion exercise.

You were lucky this time not to be penalised by a leaving Head of unit or restructuring of your DG or many other factors which have nothing to do with merit and performance but do influence the outcome of the procedure.

Yet, all of us will be having the same feeling of uncertainty and injustice year after year while the promotion system remains unchanged – opaque and arbitrary.

At the same time, many have contacted us for support on their intended Article 90 complaint concerning non-promotion. To those of you we have a frank message. Based on experience from last several years, chances that your complaint will lead to a positive outcome are … zero. Our HR is very consistent in stubborn defence of a rotten practice : they keep repeating that our promotion system is in full compliance with legal requirements. Anyone raising voice against it is sent directly to the Court of Justice and the administrative complaint procedure is viewed simply as formality.

For us, legal is not enough. We want a system that is transparent, justified, fair…

If you still want to submit your complaint, as a symbolic gesture, please find attached our template.

All this said, we are not giving up but simply looking for alternative ways to achieve our goals. For a first time last year, G2004 managed to pass through the Central staff committee (the official statutory body for staff representation) two notes exposing the weaknesses of the system. In addition, our G2004 representatives in the Joint Promotion Committees submitted a well-justified minority position. It is important to understand that our members did not vote against the promotions of anyone, it is a vote against the structural weaknesses of the promotions exercise!


G2004 team

Art 90 Template


The Central Staff Committee on the appraisal and promotion exercise

Note for the attention of Ms K. GEORGIEVA from Central Staff Committee


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