Largest in the Commission?

Human Resources in 2020 provides the last published figures on Commission trade unions or staff associations (OSPs) [Click on the image on the left to see a bigger version]. Generation 2004 was already the largest single OSP of the 17 recognised as representative by the Commission [1] with 27.6% of the representativity across all Commission sites and elections. With the 7 local staff committee elections which have taken place since the last published status (Geel, Karlsruhe, Ispra/Seville, Outside the Union, Brussels, Luxembourg and Petten) Generation 2004 has grown to 33% (December 2022). Thanks everybody for the trust you’ve placed in us! [2]

While there is a larger entity, Alliance (31.6% in 2020 and 37%, 2022), it was a grouping of 6 OSPs in 2020 and is, since 2022, a grouping of 7 OSPs. All of the other entities listed on the diagram from DG HR, Human Resources in 2020 (p.92) are also groupings.

So, who are the ‘other guys’?

– OSP groupings 2022

Alliance (‘Confederal Alliance of Free Trade Unions’)

Representativeness: 37%

contains 7 entities,  uses this graphic and has no website

  1. Renouveau & Démocratie (R&D) [shown here with additional logo for R&D Luxembourg]
  2. Conférence des syndicats européens et syndicat des fonctionnaires européens (Conf. SFE) [+CISL, see published source: Represented by 2 separate logos in the graphic]
  3. Union syndicale Luxembourg (USL)
  4. Solidarité européenne (SE) [possibly obsolete, no logo present in the graphic]
  5. Save Europe
  6. Association des fonctionnaires indépendants pour la défense de la fonction publique européenne (TAO-AFI) [‘TAO The independents’ in the graphic]
  7. Fédération de la Fonction publique européenne (FFPE) [a grouping of FFPE and Action & Défense (A&D)]


Union syndicale fédérale (USF)

Representativeness: 16%

contains 5 OSPs, constituent parts have no website and it uses this graphic

  1. Union syndicale Bruxelles (USB)
  2. Union syndicale fédérale Luxembourg (USF-L)
  3. Union syndicale Ispra (USI)
  4. Union syndicale Petten (US Petten)
  5. Union syndicale Karlsruhe (US Karlsruhe)


Regroupement syndical (RS)

Representativeness: 15%

contains 3 OSPs and has no website

  1. Union for Unity (U4U)
  2. Unité et Solidarité – Hors Union (USHU)
  3. Syndicat des Fonctionnaires internationaux et européens (SFIE) [possibly obsolete, no logo present in the graphic]

If you have any questions or you’d like to get involved, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


[1] Check out what each of these OSP stands for via their websites: MyIntracomm, Staff Matters, Trade Unions and Staff Associations (OSPs), ‘related information>see also’.

Joint Research Centre (JRC) OSPs are listed here.

Here’s the whoiswho entry for the staff committees and OSPs (though we note many empty lists there).

[2] There will be no updated Human Resources in 2020 (confirmed 02.03.2023). This staff-centred publication has been discontinued ‘in the interests of streamlining reporting’. We are disappointed: this text was particularly user-friendly and transparent. We have requested alternative locations for equivalent information, particularly that related to groupings of OSPs and the calculation of representativity. We would like to see our gains confirmed publicly.

In the meantime, we have cannibalised the 2020 publication, to show the situation as of December 2022 (including Luxembourg Local Staff Committee elections). It’s not particularly pretty, but it is functional until we find something better.