Contract Agents

Contract Agents were created by the 2004 Reform. Although we think that Contract Agents can play a highly specific and useful role for the organization (covering leaves of officials, staffing projects limited in time, bringing new experiences into the organization) we Generation 2004 consider that there are several problems linked to their current usage.

Main problems are:

  • use of CA for covering permanent positions,
  • regular loss of experience
  • higher vulnerability of staff.

Due to these elements, and to the fact that they are also a result of the 2004 Reform whose negative effects we aim to correct, this is one of our major strategic dossiers.

We have a working group dedicated to the dossier, and in December 2012 we have addressed a letter about Contract Agents to Human Resources of all Institutions and Agencies (here is the cover e-mail).

As a background you can see the report of the Commission to the Council regarding the recruitment of the contract agents in 2010 (in French, COM(2011)802 final 23.11.2011).



Articles on Contract Agents

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