Analysis & Actions

You are hired/fired: Recruitment trends at the Commission! (November 2016)

As can be seen from recent statistics (see table in article above), the only category of staff that is currently still growing is the Contract Agent category. Looking at the data and comparing this growth with the recent trend in the recruitment of permanent officials (‘fonctionnaires‘) , we can conclude that the Commission has begun a process of replacing permanent officials with CAs….

Promotions 2010-2014 – A Decade of Denial (November 2014) 

Read how the EU created a sharply divided and far too expensive EU civil service with too many high-graded officials while ignoring their legal obligation to work towards ‘career equivalence’ betraying a whole generation of incoming civil servants!

The inconvenient truth about EU staff reform (June 2013)

Read how:

  • the € 2.5 billion cut to the EU’s administration budget imposed by the Council in 2012 misses its main target as EU institutions continue to protect high-level salaries and pensions at the expense of post-2004 staff;
  • the 2004 staff reform has created a two-speed system with, currently, about one third of EU staff carrying the legacy costs of an unjust and unsustainable system, while cross-subsidizing the unreformed salaries and benefits of the pre-2004 staff;
  • the Commission’s proposals for the 2013 reform of the staff regulations offer nothing to address these 2004-induced deficiencies, but will further add fuel to what amounts to a ‘time-bomb’ concerning the geographical balance in the EU institutions as well as the cost of pensions of the pre-2004 generation;
  • and about the solutiosn proposed by G2004 such as taxing high EU salaries more than low salaries (progressive levy), limiting expensive high-level promotions and promoting talented officials from lower grades into management responsibilities and considering to also tackle the pensions of the pre-2004s, which so far are exempted from reform.