Elections 2018 – Brussels

Generation 2004 has emerged as the biggest staff association in the European Commission in the last staff elections held in June 2015. We obtained 26,3 % of list votes and 20,12 % of preferential votes, translating into 7 seats in the 27 seats local staff committee.

We see this result as a vindication of our past achievement of bringing to light persistent staff inequalities and the unbalanced HR development against the interest of pretty much all the staff union, which are mainly defending the ‘status quo’ for the majority of their members at the expense of the post 2004 and 2014 generations.

We have worked hard in these 3 years to keep them there and make progress on real solutions to narrow the resulting career and benefit gap. For this we need the cooperation of all progressive forces in the staff committee.

We have outlined our vision and our demands in our campaign manifesto.  We believe that the following are of the highest priority and deserve immediate attention:

Act to close the career gap between pre-2004 and post-2004 staff, restoring geographical balance in the AD category and motivation in the EU civil service.

Greatly increase the number of AST Colleagues allowed to become ADs via certification, with eligibility for application from AST4. Make sure that the function group of the job holder and of the post match.

Stop the ‘Junior Professional Programme’ (JPP), which in its present form is discriminatory and divisive. Instead, develop a talent Management scheme for CAs to give them a decent chance to become permanent officials.

Recycle the mechanism used in the JPP as a possible solution for Contract Agents who are reaching the end of their contracts: open Temporary Agent positions to them and organise annual internal competitions outside of the 5% ceiling.

Plan internal competitions for SCs to become ASTs with a reasonable number of positions available annually.

Stop making cuts to our retirement conditions but instead tax the higher pre-2004 pensions, unattainable for post-2004 colleagues. In parallel, set up a real capital-based pension fund for interested colleagues.

Achieve savings in the administrative budget by offering redundancy to AD13-14 staff without managerial responsibilities, and then redistribute this budget to other categories.

Put an immediate stop to the “senior expert” designation leading to costly promotions for those without management responsibility from AD 12 up to grade AD14.

Introduce 360-degree reviews for managers, including sending them periodically to assessment centres, from which they must receive a positive report to retain their roles.

Rotate managers in DG HR to other DGs and enforce the 6-year limitation for union secondments.

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Our Meetings

15/10 Contract Agents Career Development meeting – Recording here

15/10 Translators meeting

16/10 General Elections G2004 Meeting – Recording here

18/10 at 12:30 General Elections G2004 Meeting in Beaulieu

23/10  12:30 Contract Agents End of Contract meeting – Recording here

Our Campaign Messages for:
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