Elections 2018 – Outside EU

Generation 2004 has emerged as the biggest staff association in the European Commission in the last staff elections held in June 2015. We obtained 26,3 % of list votes and 20,12 % of preferential votes, translating into 7 seats in the 27 seats local staff committee.

We see this result as a vindication of our past achievement of bringing to light persistent staff inequalities and the unbalanced HR development against the interest of pretty much all the staff union, which are mainly defending the ‘status quo’ for the majority of their members at the expense of the post 2004 and 2014 generations.

We have worked hard in these 3 years to keep them there and make progress on real solutions to narrow the resulting career and benefit gap. For this we need the cooperation of all progressive forces in the staff committee.

We have outlined our vision and our demands in our campaign manifesto.  We believe that the following are of the highest priority and deserve immediate attention:

  • Career development for all staff categories.
  • Equal pay for equal work: End the “caste” system.
  • EU institutions internal job market open to all staff.
  • Fair promotion rates for staff in delegations.
  • Verify the capabilities of managers via 360o
  • Restore an inclusive and fair annex X.
  • Local agents should benefit from revamped conditions.
  • Ensure a proportional and fair representation of staff from outside the EU in ‘social dialogue’.
  • Propose fit at work measures in delegations.
  • Put an end to open-floor offices.

Click the image below to view our manifesto:

thumbnail of manifesto_Generation_2004_SID_HU_2018

Voting Instructions:

Please be aware that the electoral system in the Delegations is a rather complicated one:
-> 8 seats are reserved for the 8 candidates that get the largest number of votes across all lists.
-> 6 seats are allocated to the 4 competing lists, based on a proportionality system which sums up all votes for individual candidates on each list.

  • Each one of you has 14 votes! You can thus vote for 14 different people. If you vote for only one candidate, you lose 13 votes!
  • We encourage you to vote for all the candidates on List 2: Generation 2004.
  • Last but not least, you should use Internet Explorer and not Mozilla to vote, as the latter may encounter problems, in particular when trying to click 14 boxes.

This is what the voting application will look like:

(click on screenshot to enlarge)


We encourage you to click all 14 pairs of candidates presented by Generation 2004 (each pair has a “principal” candidate and a “substitute”, you can only vote for a pair, not for individual candidates).

You can vote between the 5th of November and the 14th of November. At least 2/3 of the staff will need to have voted by then, otherwise the electoral period will be extended to the 29th of November. If you do not want the elections to drag on, vote as soon as possible and encourage you colleagues to do so!