Luxembourg LSC Elections 2016

luxGeneration 2004 submitted its full list of 40 candidates for the elections of the Luxembourg Local Staff Committee being held between 9-22 November.

It is a list of which our young organisation is very proud, since as you will soon see for yourselves, it represents the widest possible snapshot of staff both in terms of professional (status), DG as well as geographical representation. It is fully in line with the principle of gender equality, split between AST/AD and also includes a number of colleagues on temporary contracts.

We are regarding this as the official start of our electoral campaign, in the course of which we will not be bombarding you with tonnes of empty rhetoric, but a set of carefully structured arguments as to why Generation 2004 should be the natural choice for all Commission staff who wish to see a modern, fair and motivated European civil service based on meritocracy.

  • Because Generation 2004 does not only complain and protest about issues, but offers comprehensive solutions built upon in-depth analyses and extensive dialogue. We do not produce “tracts” but positions.
  • Because Generation 2004 does not simply exist to preserve the status quo without a care about those that may come after, but to offer forward-looking proposals based on modern HR management in light of present realities and future challenges.
  • Because Generation 2004 distinguishes itself as the staff association par excellence for whom the status quo is simply not an option; where “out of the box” thinking is the norm and which hones its objectives through a constant dialogue with its grassroots.

Vote List 2

Messages sent to Luxembourg staff for the elections campaign:

Message 1: Introducing our candidates!
Message 2: Diagnosis charts showing a sever dysfunctional EU civil service!
Message 3: Making your vote count!
Message 4: Know what you are voting for: 4 points for Luxembourg!


Official results here