January 2018 – The multiannual financial framework, MFF, 2021-2027

January 2018 –  We are visiting Ispra & Seville staff this February!

January 2018 – Pascal Le Grand appointed as new Chair of G2004.

November 2017 – Sustainable mobility in Brussels

November 23rd 2017 – Family budget survey starts this week in Brussels

November 2017 – Annual Salary Adjustment

September 2017 – Who represents the staff and for how long: Staff representatives secondments and the 6-year rule

September 2017 – Air quality in Brussels

June 2017 – Writing with Impact: Or how transparency makes a difference!

June 2017 – Social Dialogue on “External Activities”

April 2017 – Outcome of the Conciliation meeting on the implementing rules for CAs

February 2017 – Art 90 template – Promotion exercise 2016

January 2017 Letter from G2004 to Herr Günther Oettinger

January 2017 – Appraisal exercise 2017: Questions & Replies document

December 2016 – Luxembourg Mathematics: 25 = 70

September 2016 – Our Letter to Ms Souka on GIPs for Contract Agents, request on Art. 5

MAY 2016 – To GIP or not to GIP – that is the question

MAY 2016 – Post-reform Equal Pay Day article

JANUARY 2015 – SOS your pension! – various articles below:

OCTOBER 2014 – Candy Crush 2014: How DG HR plans to circumvent the statute and  use more EU admin budget to benefit top-earners without management responsibility

JULY 2014 – Dirty games and money for nothing (or “NEPOTISM REDEFINED” for the more discerning): How the EC used the veil of an internal competition to parachute the well-connected into top positions

JUNE 2014 – Cucumbers and grapes: How we should use the promotion system to strengthen fairness, reward performance and reduce inequality in the EU institutions

MAY 2014 – The Devil takes the hindmost – Interview with MEP Ingeborg Grässle , Member of the EP’s Budgetary Control Committee: How high-grade officials put the whole burden of cuts on the lower grades

MARCH 2014 – The great freeze: How the ‘aquired rights’ and benefits of the pre-2004 ‘Gucci’ generation are being protected while the post-2004 staff has to shoulder the burden of the reform