Welcome to Generation 2004

We aim at a unified European Public Service that is based on fair, just and motivating employment conditions and that is respected for its efficiency, effectiveness and the equal opportunities it offers to all employees of the EU institutions.

We denounce the systematic legal and practical discrimination of post-2004 and post-2014 staff, in particular that enforced through the non-recognition of relevant professional experience and a promotion and career system that largely favours seniority over merit and performance.

We will continue our campaign against injustice and inequality in the EU institutions until concrete actions are being taken by the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament (other institutions and agencies may follow) to reduce these inequalities and narrow the career gap!

Join us in our struggle for management change in the EU institutions!

“In a Union of equals, there can be no second class workers. Workers should earn the same pay for the same work in the same place.”

(J.C. Juncker, State of the Union address, 13 September 2017)