Brussels LSC Elections 2015

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Generation 2004 has emerged as the biggest staff association in the European Commission in the recent staff elections held in June 2015. We obtained 26,3 % of list votes and 20,12 % of preferential votes, translating into 7 seats in the 27 seats local staff committee.

We would like to thank all our voters for the trust and confidence placed in us. We see this result as a vindication of our past achievement of bringing to light persistent staff inequalities and the unbalanced HR development against the interest of pretty much all the staff union, which are mainly defending the ‘status quo’ for the majority of their members at the expense of the post 2004 and 2014 generations.

We will work hard in the next 3 years to keep them there and make progress on real solutions to narrow the resulting career and benefit gap. For this we need the cooperation of all progressive forces in the staff committee.

We have outlined our vision and our demands in our election manifesto. Of these we believe that the following are of the highest priority and deserve immediate attention:

1. Stopping immediately the waste of scarce budgetary resources on artificial senior advisor/assistant positions;

2. Recognising formally the 2004 career-gap and assessing the impact of the 2004 reform after a decade;

3. Revising the promotions system to close the career gap and discriminating positively in favour of post-2004 staff;

4. Designing a career system which actually promotes merit, performance, qualifications and experience.

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