Generation 2004’s action on mobility in the Brussels region

Generation 2004, through the Brussels Local Staff Committee (LSC) (Łukasz Wardyn, the President of the LSC is one of our members), is actively pushing for improvements in the mobility situation in Brussels. Brussels is one of the most polluted cities in Europe and traffic jams have become more or less permanent during the past decade. The LSC organised an extensive consultation on mobility via a conference with Brussels Mobility Minister Pascal Smet and several splinter sessions that took place at the end of November 2017. The Commission is preparing its future mobility plan, as requested by the Brussels authorities. In this context, it is important that the Commission listens to the concerns of staff as expressed in the Position of the Brussels Local Staff Committee regarding future of the mobility in Region Brussels-Capital: the perspective and recommendations of the Commission’s staff recently approved by the Local Staff Committee, LSC, click here. Interestingly, some staff organisations keep bombarding you with messages claiming that they are doing a lot to improve mobility of staff in Brussels

Sadly that none of these were participating in the Ad-hoc group on mobility established by the LSC. More preoccupying, they have not participated in the vote of that important document or even voted against it.

The impact of these messages is close to zero. The only way to move the lines on this difficult topic is to work within the institutional framework of the Commission. This is what Generation 2004 is doing via the presidency of the Brussels Local Staff Committee. This process is slow, cumbersome but it is the only approach that can have an impact. We will insist that OIB and DG HR treat the comments of the LSC seriously and tackle the mobility problems that affect all of us posted in Brussels.

Generation 2004 would like to use the opportunity to thank especially those members of the Ad-hoc group on mobility who are not part of the LSC: representatives of the European Union Cyclist Group and Association of Staff with a Disability in the European Commission. Without their devotion, engagement and support this document would not have been finalised.

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