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Good news: 100% reimbursement of COVID-19 vaccination costs

The central bureau of the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme (JSIS) recently agreed that the health insurance provide 100% reimbursement of costs for COVID-19 vaccination in 2021.

This measure covers staff in activity, retired staff, and persons entitled to primary or complementary cover. It applies only where the person cannot receive the vaccination free of charge within the framework of an occupational health campaign or a vaccination campaign organised by national authorities.

The proposal was adopted based on the opinion of the Medical Council and in cooperation with the COVID Task Force and the JSIS management committee. It aims to facilitate the administering of the vaccination for free to the largest number of those willing to receive it. The cover includes the reimbursement of the medical consultation, the vaccine itself, injection costs, etc. It does not concern procurement, distribution, and type of vaccine, prioritisation of different categories and similar issues, as these remain outside the remit of JSIS.

This measure was considered justified from the medical, financial and social point of view given the risk-benefit ratio of authorised vaccines and the benefits for the whole population that are expected from the vaccination.

Here is the official Commission vaccination web page [1].

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