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How do those outside the Union get reimbursed for PCR tests?

Generation 2004 is aware that sometimes colleagues are unsure which polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are eligible for reimbursement and which ones are not; especially with the upcoming Easter holiday.

Those covered by the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme (JSIS): you can refer to the specific guidelines [1] for detail for all cases, but, in short, PCR tests done by national authorities and approved laboratories can be reimbursed by the JSIS.

Work-related PCR tests are covered by the JSIS as well.

What to do when it is impossible to obtain a prescription or any official document from a general practitioner? The guidelines stipulate that exceptionally, the Head of Delegation may provide a note asserting that testing is administratively mandatory.

Expenses related to multiple tests

Where staff members assigned to a hardship Delegation and have a PCR test as a prerequisite to leave the country for rest leave, the cost of a PCR test can exceptionally be borne by the Delegation

Local agents (LAs) covered by LA-Medical

The general rule is to reimburse the cost of the PCR tests performed on the basis of a medical prescription (to cover the possibility that the person has experienced symptoms or has had contact with a COVID patient).

In cases where local rules require a test due to various reasons (e.g. are in close contact with COVID-positive patient), the PCR test will be reimbursable exceptionally at 95 % (up to a ceiling of EUR 200 without prior authorisation). For cases where the costs are higher, prior authorisation from LA-Medical remains necessary. Local agents covered by other medical schemes such as private health insurance should refer to their individual policies for possibilities of reimbursement.

You can find the European External Action Service (EEAS) medical protocol flow chart here [2].

We hope this information is of use to you and your families. Stay safe and enjoy your Easter holiday break!

See the Guidelines on Teleworking, leave, working time and other administrative and financial issues for staff in EU Delegations during the COVID-19 Pandemic [1].