EPSO update – the show must go on!

*Update 11.08.2023, September training offered by HR for those who passed written tests.* Original article: Firstly, our EPSO survey is still open: we eagerly await your responses. The more data we have, the clearer the picture we can paint of the exam experience and the more difficult it is to dismiss the evidence as not representative/urban legends/hearsay. Please participate! Now, onto the latest update on the ongoing EPSO issues. The bad news is that nothing has changed so far and everyone who should take action to address the problem has not yet done so. This in spite of the specific actionable issues raised by Generation 2004, all the trade unions and staff associations together (‘Common Front/Front Commun’) as well as the Central Staff Committee. Nevertheless, we do not give up: we continue fighting for your rights and for a robust, fair system that will work, ensure equal opportunities and not push the entire responsibility of known technical failings on the candidates. Continue reading EPSO update – the show must go on!

The competitions are in dire straits

We’ve written a lot already about the issues related to the remotely-proctored EPSO competitions. When we first raised these issues on your behalf with EPSO[1] and its management board in December 2022 (and in April 2023), we anticipated that they would be addressed (whyever wouldn’t they be, right?). However, to our surprise (and disappointment), not much was done. To add insult to injury, the very same issues we highlighted then continue to be present, even across different providers, in the internal competitions: a situation we find both frustrating and scandalous. Nevertheless, the response continues to be unsatisfactory: ‘everything is fine’ (January, February and May). Continue reading The competitions are in dire straits

Meeting the Head of Cabinet: it’s all about the money

Here are the issues we  raised at the OSPs meeting with David Mueller, the Head of Commissioner Hahn’s (budget and administration) Cabinet (15.03.2023). We are all aware that we are reasonably consistently in a series of difficult situations which require additional financial resources and which put the EU Budget under pressure. But we did get an earworm during that meeting: Continue reading Meeting the Head of Cabinet: it’s all about the money

EPSO competition cancelled – is this really the least-bad option?

*Update 26.05.2023, EPSO published a note with figures on complaints.* *update 21.04.2023, thanks to the colleague who told us about the French court’s suspension of remote-proctoring software TestWe as ‘unreasonable and invasive’.* Here’s the story so far on the revamped, updated and not-quite-ready-for-general-release rollercoaster ride of recruitment to the European institutions that was AST/154/22.  From the launch of this competition (22.09.2022) to the opening of an ombudsman inquiry (OI/1/2023/VS, 15.03.2023[1]) and on to the unexpected (and abrupt) decision of the EPSO director to cancel the whole thing (31.03.2023), Generation 2004 and all OSPs have been inundated with requests for help on the many and various issues encountered by candidates (covering everything from technical aspects to poor instructions to odd and alarming experiences), and it’s not finished yet! Continue reading EPSO competition cancelled – is this really the least-bad option?

MCQ and written tests: training

*Update 08.09.2023 EPSO intends to use automated proctoring.**Update 17.03.2023 Ombudsman opens inquiry into how EU staff recruitment test was carried out.* *Update 07.03.2023, here is the presentation.* Original article: Join us for some training in preparation for the forthcoming internal competitions multiple choice questions (MCQ) and written tests [1]. We will analyse all the key aspects.  As regards the MCQ, we will see a study methodology, go through the lessons learnt from previous competitions, and recommend materials and topics to cover the knowledge you need. Continue reading MCQ and written tests: training

Social Dialogue, or the big hypocrisy: do as I say, not as I do!

The Commission recently presented an initiative to strengthen social dialogue with actions at both national and EU level. Generation 2004 agrees that this is necessary (long overdue) and we agree also with the inspiring statements reproduced below. Unfortunately, we observe that, in spite of all these nice words and good intentions, the corresponding follow-up action appears to simply vanish when it comes to social dialogue within the Commission itself: the dialogue with the staff committee (CSC/LSCs): the statutory body elected by staff and the trade unions and staff associations (OSPs).  Continue reading social dialogue, or the big hypocrisy: do as I say, not as I do!