European Schools

The new European School of Brussels

The European Schools of Brussels have been under great stress for a long period of 10 years due to overcrowding.

The inaction of the Belgium state to comply with its legal obligations to provide a new school, coupled with the lack of real pressure from the European Commission for it to do so, led to an extreme situation that needs very urgent attention. Continue reading The new European School of Brussels

Back to school in Brussels?

Following an announcement on 14 May, stating that the European Schools of Brussels would remain closed until the end of the school year of 2019-2020 on 3 July, a new update was sent to parents last Friday (29 May 2020), announcing the schools partial reopening for four weeks, from 8 June until 3 July (please read our note to European School)*. Not only was the move a surprising 180º turn of events, but it also came with some issues that Generation 2004 analysed and reacted upon in a note to DG HR’s Director General, Gertrud INGESTAD.

Continue reading Back to school in Brussels?

Repayment of exceptional costs

Under certain criteria it is possible to be reimbursed for the costs of primary and secondary education of your children. This may be the case when they are not able to:

  • be in European School because of imperative educational reasons, or
  • attend a European School because of parents’ place of employment.

This year thanks to Generation 2004 efforts via the Local Staff Committee of Brussels the deadline for applications has been adopted in favour of parents and it is now the 15th of October 2019.

In the current season, reimbursements refer to the school year of 2018-2019. Please read more about it here. Take particular care for the eligibility when ask for the reimbursement.