Reimbursed amount = 0 €

This can and does happen relatively frequently. First of all, don’t panic! But please do be aware that there is a 3-month time limit[1] on taking a non-reimbursement issue as far as you can before embarking on legal action. Challenging a decision not to reimburse is therefore not an administrative step to save for when you have the time, you really do have to make the time (especially if you need to get a more detailed bill from the health-service provider, for example or investigate whether a precedent has been set for reimbursement). Continue reading Reimbursed amount = 0 €

End-of-year checklist 2023

*Update 06.12.2023: here are building closures and alternatives in Brussels, but we don’t (yet) see equivalent information for other places of work e.g. Grange or Luxembourg. Remember you have the right to work from the office 100% if you so wish (and you are prepared for the temperatures there).* Continue reading End-of-year checklist 2023

Feeling desperate in hotdesking? Just bring a dog!

*Update 06.12.2023 we don’t see the proposed HR evaluation published yet, if you find it please send us the link.**24.11.2023 it has come to our attention that we mentioned  ‘evaluat[ing] pets as a hitherto-untapped source of heat’ as a joke in an article on cold offices in October 2022. We made many outrageous suggestions in that article: watch out for any others appearing soon in an office near you – eek!* Continue reading Feeling desperate in hotdesking? Just bring a dog!

5 more days for parents, with a catch …

*Update 06.12.2023: the Health and well-being Action plan 2022-2025 also gives an implementation date of 2023 for this ‘special leave to enhance equal sharing of responsibility for a new-born or a newly adopted child’, nevertheless sysper is still showing only 10 days. We will follow-up on this. Context: note we sent to HR (23.10.2023) and the response received 22.11.2023. We plan to follow up on this in early 2024.* Continue reading 5 more days for parents, with a catch …

Summer holiday checklist (Tips)

*Update 24.07.2023 Luxembourg national legislation now includes the right to disconnect, though the situation on the ground needs some work.* *For those of you who remain in the office keeping the Commission standing (thanks!), please check out the heatwave instructions for dealing with hot offices and the list of buildings to be temporarily closed under Buildings Energy Saving Together (BEST) 2023[1]. Read our related article on how these closures undermine the insistence that working from home is voluntary.*

With many of us now looking forward to enjoying some well-deserved leave over the summer, we remind you that annual leave is your time to do with as you will. It is not there for you to catch up on work still needing done, it is not there for you to ‘clear your feet’ with projects, it is not there for you to monitor what is or is not happening back in the office. Being reachable all of the time is draining, contributes to burnout and can allow bullying/harassment to continue round the clock and unabated. Take this time for you and leave the office behind! Continue reading Summer holiday checklist (Tips)

Out-of-hours building access (fingerprints and lone working)

While we’re not enthusiastic about colleagues being in the office overnight or at the weekend, sometimes it might be necessary[1]. Nevertheless, we’d like those who do this to be safe.  On a practical note, please prepare: is your mobile charged, do you have it on you and is there generally a good enough signal? Does someone know where you are and when you expect to finish? If you were to get stuck somewhere or collapse while alone in the office at night, would you be able to call for help and to give your precise location? Continue reading Out-of-hours building access (fingerprints and lone working)

100% hot-desking at the new POST-Mercier building

*Update 21.07.2023 the Mercier building, home of the Publications Office since 1973 officially closed its doors for the last time 17.07.2023.* Original article: It is confirmed that the new POST-Mercier building will be the first Commission building to be 100% ‘dynamic and collaborative’. Phew! At least it’s not hot-desking, right? Unfortunately, this is indeed hot-desking albeit (here at least) in a limited fashion. It is first come, first served within the area assigned to your team: Continue reading 100% hot-desking at the new POST-Mercier building

Lifetime limit on medical part-time? Yes, sometimes

You’ve been on sick leave and you’re not quite fit enough yet to return to work 100%, but yes, you could do at least 50% and you’re keen to get back to some semblance of normality. Note, if you’re unable to work a minimum of 50% or you’re not able to be back to your normal 100% within a maximum of 6 months, then it’s too early to start, wait a little and look at the caveat below before making a decision! Continue reading Lifetime limit on medical part-time? Yes, sometimes