Your health: seeking transparency and action

At the last meeting of the Local Staff Committee of Brussels, DG HR shared significant data regarding sickness leave and invalidity. They underlined that some of these data require further analysis which they intend to conduct to clarify reasons why, for example, more women than men are reported sick.   Continue reading Your health: seeking transparency and action

End-of-year checklist 2023

*Update 20.12.2023: 2 weeks after the equivalent announcement for Brussels-based staff, HR Luxembourg have announced (email) that staff outside Brussels can also telework 100% until the general return to the office 08.01.2024:  ‘Staff in Brussels, Grange, and JRC sites are authorised to telework during this time. To ensure uniformity on working conditions across our locations’**Update 05.12.2023: here are building closures and alternatives in Brussels, but we don’t (yet) see equivalent information for other places of work e.g. Grange or Luxembourg. Remember you have the right to work from the office 100% if you so wish (and you are prepared for the temperatures there).[*]* Continue reading End-of-year checklist 2023

Social Dialogue, or the big hypocrisy: do as I say, not as I do!

The Commission recently presented an initiative to strengthen social dialogue with actions at both national and EU level. Generation 2004 agrees that this is necessary (long overdue) and we agree also with the inspiring statements reproduced below. Unfortunately, we observe that, in spite of all these nice words and good intentions, the corresponding follow-up action appears to simply vanish when it comes to social dialogue within the Commission itself: the dialogue with the staff committee (CSC/LSCs): the statutory body elected by staff and the trade unions and staff associations (OSPs).  Continue reading social dialogue, or the big hypocrisy: do as I say, not as I do!

The annual medical check-up: the ‘new normal’

*Update 03.03.2023 clarification of the changes announced for mid-February:  tests previously covered by «bons roses»[*] are now to be done via the health screening programme in order to be reimbursed at 100% e.g. a gynecological check up.*[**]

Original article: We start with some context: the annual medical check-up, that obligation that is not generally enforced, is done by only around 1/3 of staff [1]. Why might this be? Well, cost is an issue: while the check-up itself and associated laboratory tests are normally reimbursed at 100%, anything stemming from that check-up (‘diagnostic examinations’ or ‘additional treatments’, for example) will be reimbursed in the normal way (85% up to set ceilings which may or may not correspond to reality, we hear you Luxembourg [2]). Continue reading The annual medical check-up: the ‘new normal’

End of year checklist: December 2022

We encourage you to rest and to recharge your batteries during the end-of-year days: this is not an opportunity to get work done!  Please, as far as you can, switch off your devices, mute notifications and disconnect: take the time for you.  Why not already schedule your out-of-the-office message in Outlook today? It’s one thing you can score off your end-of-year ‘to do’ list. We present a list of suggestions here in no particular order. Please feel free to get in touch to add to this list if you’d like to share what works for you!

Continue reading End of year checklist: December 2022

Brussels annual medical check-up: never going back to normal?

*Update 26.01.2023 CSC plenary: only around 1/3 of all staff do the annual medical. Note, this is obligatory but not enforced.*

*Update 16.01.2023 Brussels medical service is moving towards colleagues doing their annual check-up via their GP. Contact them for the paperwork in advance to ensure that the visit is reimbursed as an annual check-up (100%) and not as a standard reimbursement (85%). *

*Update 11.10.2022 Covid booster II campaign is starting soon (again medical service in Brussels and national authorities elsewhere) and flu vaccine is already available on some sites*

The Medical Service Brussels resumed its task of annual medical check-ups in June 2022, albeit in a very limited way.  Any staff not in ‘high-risk professions’ must go via their own doctor, with a corresponding ceiling of €45 (100% reimbursement) for that visit. This raises questions on efficiency: how much paperwork does this generate? Continue reading Brussels annual medical check-up: never going back to normal?

Let’s walk together!

Generation 2004 cares about your wellbeing.

To prove it, in the last two years alone we have organised several initiatives offered by colleagues to staff, and have pushed for policies in this area:

Continue reading Let’s walk together!

It’s only for 2 days a week! hot-desking and buildings: lunchtime conference

*Update 13.03.2023 here is the presentation on hotdesking from our 10.03.2023 event.**update 22.02.2022: colleagues are changing DG in order to avoid open space/hot-desking. Is this you? Get in touch, we’d like to hear from you!* How much does the move to hot-desking (‘dynamic’) and open-plan offices matter with the move to hybrid working? It will only be 40% presence in any given week, you can tolerate 2 days, right? And we’re not going back to the office just yet, so it’s not a worry for the moment! Regardless, the move to hot-desking and open-plan offices for thousands of staff continues apace during a pandemic that is showing no sign of slowing. Have you considered what that entails? Continue reading It’s only for 2 days a week! hot-desking and buildings: lunchtime conference

More than 12 days of annual leave remaining from 2021?

*In 2023 it should no longer be necessary to request the transfer of days where it is a right thanks to our initiative [1].*

For those of you with surplus days of annual leave: check out the viable reasons for requesting that the days (in addition to the standard 12 days) be added to your 2022 quota: either for requirements of the service or for health reasons. Even if you do not fall into one of the categories listed, please discuss with your line manager rather than just assume the days are lost. Continue reading More than 12 days of annual leave remaining from 2021?

Things to check before holidays start (Tips)

Well done on getting though another year of a global pandemic! While that brings its own challenges, there are perhaps some additional things worth checking before your well-deserved Christmas and New Year holiday leave.

Collective action on the very discriminatory internal competition for temporary agents (TAs) only: to join our collective action please apply for this internal competition by 21 December 2021. Continue reading Things to check before holidays start (Tips)