2021 is a year of elections

This is an unprecedented year of continuous elections! Six of the eight local staff committees (LSCs)  across the Commission are about to have or have just finished their 3-yearly elections [1]. This is due to the Covid pandemic delaying various elections and now those elections are all happening more or less at the same time. Continue reading 2021 is a year of elections

The same electoral rules for all!

Uniform and fully democratic electoral rules throughout the Commission, synchronised electronic elections at all sites and, last but not least, a separate local staff committee (LSC) for Seville: these are the key elements of a proposal for staff-representation reform developed by Generation 2004. We have been raising these issues in one form or another since at least 2013 and have actively led on related efforts to address these three points on several occasions. Continue reading The same electoral rules for all!

Certification in the JRC – one size does not fit all

*The 2021/22 exercise was launched 17.09.2021 with an application deadline of 08.10.2021*

The numbers speak an unmistakable language.  The success rate of JRC ASTs in the certification procedure is considerably below that of ASTs from other DGs. While JRC’s ASTs accounted for approximately 9.5% of all ASTs in the Commission in 2019 [1], henceforth considered to be the benchmark, their share of certifications is much lower and persistently so (Figure 1): Except for a one-off-high in 2016 with a share of 7% (although still below 9.5%), the share of certifications in other years was much lower. Continue reading Certification in the JRC – one size does not fit all

Latest news on the missions perimeter

Coronavirus or not: a serious bureaucracy will not be deterred by such a thing when it comes to inventing new regulations with doubtful benefits and uncertain costs. Never mind that all but essential missions have been cancelled for the time being and that complementary measures – with unknown costs – are still in the making, mission perimeters of various configurations will now be introduced for all JRC sites outside Brussels. Continue reading Latest news on the missions perimeter