‘Unsatisfactory’ in the CDR? What now?

You’ve done your best and it’s been a tough year. You’ve had your appraisal dialogue and prepared as best you could. In spite of it all, the evaluation is ‘Unsatisfactory’. What happens now? Firstly, don’t panic! Read everything you can (see list below) and act quickly: the career development review (CDR) can be refused (appealed) [1] but the deadlines are short and if nothing is done, the CDR is by default accepted. Continue reading ‘Unsatisfactory’ in the CDR? What now?

Appraisal dialogues are coming

It is the beginning of the year and the appraisal/reclassification exercises are in full swing. Many colleagues by now have finished their self-assessment (if you still need our help with this, please register as soon as possible) and are awaiting the dialogue with their reporting officer. MyIntracomm has information on this dialogue, objectives, the report itself, the timeline and special situations, so is also worth a look (here is the somewhat less-detailed info for reclassification).

A couple of hints for this dialogue are in order [1]. Continue reading Appraisal dialogues are coming

How to increase your chances to get a promotion/reclassification in 2022?

Here is the presentation(note that the timetable for reclassification is slightly  different) and here is the recording. To access you must be connected to ECAS, and some browsers work better than others. If you have any difficulties,  contact us and we’ll send the presentation to you.)

If you expect to be promoted/reclassified in 2022 or even just want to understand what happens behind the scenes between the self-assessment and the publication of the draft lists in June, this is the event for you: we will shed some light on the mystery! This builds on our recent presentation on the self-assessment where we offered one-to-one assistance. Continue reading How to increase your chances to get a promotion/reclassification in 2022?

Zero net salary increase after advance in step!

When is an upgrade not an upgrade? So, you didn’t get promoted or reclassified last year, but you’re due an upgrade in step and are looking forward to the (however small)  associated salary increase. The only circumstances where there is no increase in pay is in the last step in the grade: the salary there is always the same as step 1 of the next grade. So you reckon you’ll get something, right? Well… at the end of the day it might actually be nothing: zero. Continue reading Zero net salary increase after advance in step!

2022 appraisal and promotion/reclassification exercises conference

*Check out our 20.01.2022 update on this very topic*

2022 is here and with it comes the annual appraisal exercise [1] (Commission staff: 5 January for the launch of appraisal self-assessments and 12 January for reclassification self-assessments). It is crucial to understand how this works because it will play a huge part in how your career will progress.

Generation 2004 organises a conference to explain and offer tips. We cover how to prepare your self-assessment and your one-on-one interview with your reporting officer [2]. Continue reading 2022 appraisal and promotion/reclassification exercises conference

Internal competitions – Time for collective action!

*Please see 27.01.2021 update*

In the wake of the announcement by DG HR of yet another very discriminatory internal competition (IC), Generation 2004 organised a conference to debate the matter. According to our analysis, this IC excludes over 16 000 potentially eligible candidates. Although other institutions allow anyone who meets the education and experience criteria to take part, the Commission is definitely doing it differently. Continue reading Internal competitions – Time for collective action!

Promising and selling unicorns

On allowances to cover the additional costs of teleworking and other promises

It is election time for many sites of the Commission and there are two unmistakable signs for this:

  • Your inbox is filling with largely indistinguishable e-mails asking to vote for union X or union Y, because they have done SO MUCH for you in the last year (although for some of them, you cannot remember ever having seen any action or results).
  • The e-mails contain a hodgepodge of measures that they are demanding, often defying any sense of reality: unicorns, rainbows, a guaranteed lottery win … 

Continue reading Promising and selling unicorns

Promotion/reclassification exercises 2021

As you probably know, this year’s promotion (officials) and reclassification (contract agents) exercises will end with the publication of the final lists this week here (according to our information it will be on Wednesday, 10 November 2021) [1].

If your name is on the list you will be promoted/reclassified (changes will be visible in your December 2021 payslip) and Generation 2004 would like to warmly congratulate you. Continue reading Promotion/reclassification exercises 2021

The 2021 reclassification appeals season opens Tuesday 22 June, Generation 2004 is here to help

*Please see the frequently asked questions (FAQs) from our promotion appeals conference on how to draft your appeal.*

Every year, the promotion and reclassification procedures, for officials and contract agents (CAs) respectively, go through several stages to culminate in formal recognition (or not) for the job performed during the previous years. During the first stage, your DG’s hierarchy put together draft reclassification lists according to the DG quota distribution, and discussed those lists with the staff representation (trade unions and staff associations (OSPs)). This first stage is now over and the DG reclassification lists will be published in Sysper on Tuesday 22 June! Please consult Sysper and check whether you are proposed for reclassification. Continue reading The 2021 reclassification appeals season opens Tuesday 22 June, Generation 2004 is here to help

Conference FAQs: How to draft an appeal

Promotions appeals: we have lift off! Thanks to all of you who participated in our conference and for the many questions and examples you sent us. For those of you unable to attend, here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Remember you have until 24 June (25 for Luxembourg: happy national day!) to file your appeal.

Continue reading Conference FAQs: How to draft an appeal