Working conditions


DG HR announced yesterday evening (24/11/2021) that going to the office one day per week will not be an obligation any longer. Therefore, teleworking 5 days a week will be possible for all, except critical staff. However, those of you who would like to come to work can still do it!

The obligation to telework four days per week does not apply to staff:

– who cannot perform their tasks remotely;

– who have to be in the office to ensure business continuity.

You mobilized for months on this important issue, you discussed it at length on My Intracomm, you contacted us through hundreds of emails and phone calls. More than 600 of you commented Commissioner Hahn’s message that stated: “All of us in principle will be at the office at least one day a week”.

And more than 1.000 of you signed our petition to Commissioner Hahn to support our note of 16 September 2021, where we asked him to postpone the forced return to the office. Already in September, it was clear that this Commission strategy to force people back to the office could carry major risks. Continue reading NO MORE COMPULSORY WEEKLY PRESENCE IN THE OFFICE

Promising and selling unicorns

On allowances to cover the additional costs of teleworking and other promises

It is election time for many sites of the Commission and there are two unmistakable signs for this:

  • Your inbox is filling with largely indistinguishable e-mails asking to vote for union X or union Y, because they have done SO MUCH for you in the last year (although for some of them, you cannot remember ever having seen any action or results).
  • The e-mails contain a hodgepodge of measures that they are demanding, often defying any sense of reality: unicorns, rainbows, a guaranteed lottery win, … 

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Update on our September petition to stop the obligatory return to the office

Latest update 24/11/2021: Work Done!!!  (quote from DG HR communication: “…the minimum presence of one day per week will for now be only on a voluntary basis…”)

Please add your signature! We already have more than 1000 signatures to our September petition in support of our note to Mr Hahn. We sounded the alarm concerning the premature push to Phase 3 of the Tentative plan for gradual return to the office before the worries and issues voiced by staff were addressed. Continue reading Update on our September petition to stop the obligatory return to the office

Assistants (ASTs) FAQs

Here is the presentation from today’s meeting with assistants (ASTs)  and below you’ll find an extended version of a frequently asked questions (FAQs) based on the questions asked.

If there’s something here you can add to, you’d like more information on or that you’d like to challenge (we’re open to all input!) then please get in touch: we’re here for you !  Thanks very much to all who attended! Continue reading Assistants (ASTs) FAQs

Position paper on canteens, cafeterias and water

Generation 2004 is aware of the difficulties the pandemic has imposed on the canteen staff and facilities and appreciates the contrast in simultaneously welcoming the gradual re-opening of canteens and cafeterias in Brussels while canteens in Luxembourg begin to require a Covid certificate (for sit-in, not for take away [1][2], from 1 November). Continue reading Position paper on canteens, cafeterias and water

‘Balance’ or walking a tightrope? Greening the Commission

In the context of the recent COP26 in Glasgow, where it is stated that 197 countries reached a ‘’balanced’ agreement’, we give you an update on the latest social dialogue on greening the Commission: reaching climate neutrality by 2030. Generation 2004 already raised many of these issues in October 2020 and requested a social dialogue then.  Continue reading ‘Balance’ or walking a tightrope? Greening the Commission

Annual Salary Adjustment 2021 +1.9%

*Update 18.11.2021: this includes Contract Agents and this will be paid in December, thanks to everyone who got in touch!*

*Updates 19.11.2021: “Back to normal” in this case has to be interpreted as “the GDP is back to the pre-crisis level”. We have recovered some of the loss of 2020, but not all of it. We expect that we should go back to pre-crisis levels in 2022, at which point we should get the 2.5% update on top of whatever happens in 2022. [1]*

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Project 55+ transition towards retirement

Want to start imagining and planning your transition towards retirement – but not sure how to do it? This is no longer a destination, but a journey.

Project 55+ is a practical 5-week community experience that will help you create, discover, refine and implement your transition project, during your final years at the Commission/EU Institutions, towards a successful new beginning that is uniquely yours. Continue reading Project 55+ transition towards retirement