Internal Competitions


Rumours are spreading around about Internal Competitions and you probably feel excited about this opportunity approaching. Whether you are an Official, a Temporary Agent or a Contractual Agent, wait to read this article before opening the bottle of champagne!


The eligible population for this competition will be all staff members (Officials + TA + CA) which, at the closing date of the notice of competition have:

  • At least 3.5 years of experience in the EC (all kinds of contracts cumulated)
  • Last 1 year in the EC
  • Last 6 months in the FG of the completion or higher


This competition will only cover 3 grades: SC 2 – AST 2 – AD 6.
For Contractual Agents this means that FG II can only run for SC2, FG III for AST 2 and FG IV for AD 6.
For Officials, sorry to tell you that most of you will be out, as only SC 1, AST 1 and AD 5 may apply.


SC2 CBT EPSO Interview
AST 2 CBT EPSO Interview + structured presentation (EC policy)
AD 6 CBT EPSO Interview + structured presentation (oral briefing on a specific topic)


The final agreed number of laureates will be 85, on a total eligible population of 3494 staff members.
And exactly this will mean: 35 posts for SC2, 20 posts for AST 2 and 30 posts for AD 6.


February / April 2016: publication of competition’s notice + EPSO registration
May / July 2016: Interviews
September 2016: Publication of the reserve list (valid over 2 years)

It is obvious that this exercise will certainly be a success just for few lucky ones. Bear in mind that the administration is keen to invite to interviews 4 TIMES the number of foreseen laureates for each grade and has not confirmed that a budget will be available for 2016 or 2017, in order to absorb all 85 ultimate candidates.

G 2004 was present at all discussions to underline that once again such a process is not only lacking (again) of a political view and will to change Contractual Agents’ situation, but is also proposing a different treatment in the recruitment process of staff.

Here’s the myIntracomm page with the information.

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