Karlsruhe LSC Elections 2021

We would like to express our deepest thank you for the trust people have placed in us.

The Generation 2004 would like to thank all of you who support us and voted for us. We are honoured to have received so many votes (34.2 %) and it is an incentive for us to continue to work for all colleagues!

Of course, the issues we want to advocate for remain unchanged!

Here are the 2021 Karlsruhe election results.

The original article:

Generation 2004 presents its  candidates  for the Karlsruhe LSC elections. We have put together a well balanced list that represents a wide range of Commission staff.

Our candidates are looking forward to renew the Karlsruhe Local Staff Committee. If you agree, please vote Generation 2004 candidates.

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Our priorities are: 

  • Higher Awareness  

Many colleagues in Karlsruhe, particularly the younger generation, know little about the Local Staff Committee. Some have never heard about it. 

We will run an awareness campaign on what the LSC KARLSRUHE can do for you and for the local community. Meanwhile, please read this article we published a while ago about the Commission staff representation. 

  • Better involvement  

We believe that the actions and decisions on local social and cultural issues, as well as well-being at the workplace must be driven by the real needs of local staff.  

On these matters we will organise surveys, we will meet & greet colleagues, and will also launch open discussions to have your opinion. 

  • Improved communication  

The work of the LSC must be effectively communicated and visible to the local staff by different channels. The minutes of the LSC meeting should not be hidden somewhere within Connected but should be shared instead.  

We will regularly organise public information meetings to keep you updated about the latest news and developments. 

  • Electronic voting 

The Commission has moved to a digital age, so should also the Local Staff Committee Karlsruhe.  

We will advocate for electronic voting in the following elections. This will save us time, facilitate counting the votes and will be much more convenient to you, the voters. 


Why to Vote for Generation 2004 Candidates (video)?


Generation 2004 Karlsruhe Manifesto

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HOW TO VOTE – explanation video


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