Local agent employment-conditions reform

Here are updates and the review process of the salary-revision decision. Subsequent to the conclusion of the social dialogue for the local agent (LA) employment conditions, which should replace the Framework Rules, all LA colleagues will have until 30 June 2021 to decide whether to sign the package of conditions. If you have any questions or need any assistance, you can contact Generation 2004.

Apart from the individual decisions, the Delegation as a whole (on the condition of 75% of the vote, regardless of whether you sign up to the new package) can decide whether LAs collectively should increase the contribution rate to the LA Provident fund. The increase is 0.5% per year until 5% of the total increase is reached.

That means, the contribution to LA Provident fund can be increased from (currently) 5% employee and 5% employer parts to 10% for each part, totalling 20%. There is also an opportunity for LAs to vote on using LA Medical instead of private health insurance, should the LAs in the Delegation wish to do so.

Salary revision method

The current method had an original expiry date of June 2020 and was extended without limitation of time. The administration is to commence a review process on the salary review method in May 2021. Generation 2004 takes this opportunity to seek your feedback on the current method. If you have an opinion about:

  • The way the salary revision process (‘exercise’) is implemented.
  • Any specific area where you think the method should improve.
  • Any observations e.g. that the method should some element that it currently does not (if you have some knowledge of practice elsewhere).

Please do not hesitate to let us know. We will thoroughly study your input and incorporate them when formulating our position or a proposal for this review exercise.

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