Luxembourg elections 2019

Dear Luxembourg colleague,

Generation 2004 is contesting the Luxembourg Local Staff Committee elections with a full list of candidates as List 1. We have put together a list which we believe represents a wide representation of Commission staff in terms of professional category and also geographical distribution.

We believe it is about time for new faces, new ideas and for a new start at your Local Staff representation. If you agree, please vote Generation 2004. Among many other things:

  • We represent the interests View Page of all colleagues, with particular focus on post 2004 and 2014 recruited staff.
  • We demand ‘equal pay for equal work’ and a level playing field for career development.
  • We have promoted concrete and realistically achievable measures to improve the working conditions and life-work balance for all.

You may find more information about our positions in our political manifesto. Our messages are bold and daring and may hurt some feelings but the truth is the “caste system” approach to staffing in the EU institutions is crippling our civil service and it must stop!

More messages will follow in the next few days with specific policy positions, but right now we invite you to enjoy our short Staff Wars video where we introduce Generation 2004. May the force be with you!

YOUR Generation 2004 Luxembourg team

Check out our evaluation of the election results here and our proposal for reform here and here.