Now all want to own the Local Staff Committee success story

In the framework of the upcoming elections you will be bombarded with e-mails by many Trade Unions (TU). Some of them have already started to take credit for the achievements of the Local Staff Committee Brussels (see our Fact checking box on the first page).

In a recent article we highlighted the reality of the engagement of other TUs to allow the Local Staff Committee (LSC) Brussels to operate smoothly… Out of 4.5 allocated secondments, 4 were assured by Generation 2004. For details on actual LSC meetings’ attendance, you may also check the table of presences of elected members during the last 3 years (check page 48). We trust this may help you make up your mind before pushing the voting button.

The LSC represents over 22.000 colleagues (70 % of all staff of the European Commission) and it plays a fundamental role to protect our rights. It is responsible for local aspects such as social actions, restaurants, leave, teleworking, health and safety, early childhood centers, quality of the working environment, outsourcing of services, security etc.

Thus, it is important that it is being well managed and it is vital to assure that it is being taken care.

Generation 2004 for the last 3 years has proved that it stands to what it pledges. Since Generation 2004 members were elected LSC President (Łukasz Wardyn) and Secretary-General (Paola Pagliarulo) the local staff representation has been transformed enormously and upgraded as concerns its importance. The LSC was given back to the staff.

They revolutionized the way the LSC was working: including the introduction of an appropriate agenda. In addition, a full fledged communication strategy was introduced: re-branding of the LSC’s logo (proposed and voted by the staff), a monthly regular newsletters, the LSC leaflet, a new website on MyIntraCom, a comprehensive guide for newcomers and their greeting during the welcome sessions, direct contact with staff during canteen visits and many other ways to communicate and promote the LSC’s activities such as participation in Open Days.

Those efforts on both micro- and macro-levels brought sustainable change. We can mention the reform of the internal rules of the LSC, support to over 350 individual cases, boosting of commuting policy (conference, position papers, notes), care about environment (air, noise and plastic waste) and significant drop in the waiting lists in the nurseries and kindergartens as well as in afterschool facilities.

It is quite obvious, that Generation2004 would not be able to achieve it on its own, as we do not have the majority in the LSC, yet. We collaborated together with interested members of the LSC, provided arguments and negotiated with them. It is important to work together and to speak with one voice towards the Administration. Therefore the staff representation is of such importance for all of us. It needs to be kept in good hands and managed by those who care. Support us so we can continue our great job and do not allow it to be given back to those who have been abandoning it for decades.

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