Parking Spaces

You might have seen the communication from/between some trade unions about their reserved parking spaces in the building that hosts the staff representation. Generation 2004 has better things to do than waste its time in these endless disputes. However, for the record, we would like to recall that we took a very clear position more than 2 years ago on this issue: no reserved parking space for anyone1, not even staff representatives. We are against any sort of unjustified privilege and we practice what we preach. Logically G2004 does not have any reserved spaces. We take a certain pride in seeing that some unions are joining us on this position, albeit with a 2-year delay… A shame that DG HR did not respond to our demand 2 years ago.

Let’s hope that the current controversy will now lead DG HR to reconsider its position and abolish reserved parking spaces. Some of these saved parking spaces could for instance be converted into proper locker rooms and showers for the increasing number of cyclists and for colleagues, who go running or who want to work out during their lunch break. These are sorely missing, particularly in the buildings where the upper floor of the parking deck is reserved for the trade unions (spaces which according to colleagues stand mostly empty anyway…).

1), page 4.

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