Petten LSC Elections 2023

Voting closed 24 March 2023

Here are the results

The polling-station will be located in Building 308, Room 231. The voting will take place daily, between 10 and 12.
More details can be found here.

Why vote for us?  

Generation 2004 is the only staff association that consistently fights against the inequality in career progress and working and living conditions of staff, no matter when they join the service, the type of contract they have or where they work. We were founded in 2012 as a grassroots reaction to the 2004 staff reform, which severely cut the benefits, career prospects and working conditions of newly recruited EU staff.  


  • Promote fair play on HR matters in the EU institutions. 
  • Ready to cooperate with all trade unions in the interest of all Petten staff. 
  • Are the biggest staff organization in the Commission. 
  • Aim to become the most represented voice in Petten 
  • Are willing to discuss issues that are politically sensitive matters in the EEAS and

 The 2004 and 2014 reforms of the staff regulations

  • Marked the most substantial changes ever to the employment conditions of EU staff. 
  • The conditions for staff recruited before 2004 improved at the expense of staff hired thereafter who were obliged to accept considerably worse working conditions. 
  • Consequently: 
    • The current recruitment policy of the institutions is marked by the hiring of highly qualified professionals to perform artificially junior roles (“juniorisation”). 
    • There is now also a lack of an equal career playing field in the institutions. 
    • Members of Staff in vulnerable categories, particularly the Local Agents (LAs), Contract Agents (CAs), the secretaries and clerks (AST/SCs), and the assistants (ASTs) are consistently exploited and assigned tasks above their responsibility level. 

Am I eligible to vote?

  • Check the final list.
  • The staff members who are currently not active, have been removed from the Electoral Roll.  The list of them can be found here.

When can I vote?

  • From Monday 20 until Friday 24 of March (inclusive) between 10am and 12am
    More details are here.

When will we know the results?

  • If all goes well, the results should be available from Friday 24 March.

What can go wrong?

  • There’s a minimum (‘quorum’): 2/3 of the electorate must vote for the election to be valid.  If this threshold is not reached then the election is repeated (as happened in Brussels February 2022). If necessary, that second election can be extended (see Article 13).



Our campaign for election  is based on facts, not on fiction. Our campaign sets out five S.M.A.R.T. lines of action:



In the coming weeks, our campaign will cover these lines of action in more detail: check out our election campaign manifesto. Meanwhile please feel free to dive into our website and leave us a comment, or get in touch with us.

Our candidates represent a wide diversity in terms of gender, geographic balance, directorates-general and staff categories and that diversity starts from the beginning of the list and not halfway into it.

If you believe that all staff should be given a voice, then:

Vote S.M.A.R.T.

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If you appreciate our work, please consider becoming a member of Generation 2004