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Promotion exercise 2019 – Where are we?

As you probably already know the yearly appraisal exercise is over and now it is time to talk about promotions. Well, at the moment we are at the stage where the staff representatives are “discussing” draft promotion lists with Directors General. We put “discussion” in quotes because some discussions are in fact not a real discussions but more information sessions.  But it all depends on the individual General Directors if they are willing to discuss or not.

Anyway, once we finish discussing with all  General Directors the draft promotion list will be published by HR on the 18 June.

Be careful, if your name is not on the published draft it is clear you are not proposed for a promotion, in case you could be promoted of course.  Appeal, for which you will have only 5 working days, could help you in case you feel you are left behind with no obvious reasons.

But be careful until the end because even if your name is on the list of promotion proposals, it is not over until your name is officially on the final promotions list (normally published in November). On occasion, the Appointing Authority (AIPN) does remove a couple of names from the proposed promotions list, and sometimes your Head of Units or Directors are not even informed.

You may find here [1] more information on promotions.

Should you not be proposed for promotion despite being in the seniority and having good reports, please contact us [2] and we are here to help you with you appeal.