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The 2020 promotion appeals season opens tomorrow, Generation 2004 is here to help

Every year, the promotion procedure for officials goes through several stages to culminate in formal recognition (or not) for the job performed during the previous years. During the first stage, your DG’s hierarchy put together draft promotion lists according to the DG quota distribution, and discussed those lists with the staff representation. This first stage is now over and the DG promotion lists will be published in Sysper tomorrow, 18 June! Please, consult Sysper and check if you are proposed for promotion.

If you are proposed for promotion – Congratulations!!!

For those of you not proposed, there is still another opportunity to grasp a desired promotion. A small amount (5% of the overall promotion quota) will be proposed on appeal by the Joint Promotion Committees in October, where Generation 2004 participates.

If you are not proposed for promotion, and you feel the reason is not related to your performance but to other reasons: mobility, parental/maternity leave, change of line manager, personal conflicts etc., you may file an appeal in Sysper. Please beware that your appeal must be filed within 5 working days from the date of publication of the proposal lists (normally 25 June) to do so.

Your appeal will be examined by the Joint Promotion Committee and may result in your name being added to the list of promotion proposals. Ultimately however, it is the Appointing Authority that takes the decision to promote members of staff.

As usual Generation 2004 will assist colleagues by reviewing draft appeals and offering advice on how to improve your appeal text. To do so, please register via our online form and we will then contact you to let you know who from our team will work with you and to arrange for a meeting if you prefer to talk to us.

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Please beware that it is up to you to draft your (short) appeal and we will review your draft but, due the number of cases and the shortness of the period, we are unable to write it for you or with you. To help you get started please feel free to download and use our template.

For any other questions do not hesitate to ask us [3].