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Geel elections: Generation 2004 staff representatives 2021

Despite being in the period of summer holiday, the July 2021 Geel local staff committee election [1] has been successfully concluded with your support! You gave us 294 votes in total, which corresponds to 7 out of 14 elected representatives [1]. Generation 2004 thanks each and every colleague who took the effort to participate in the paper voting (no electronic voting for Geel [2] as yet).


Generation 2004 and our team look forward to this opportunity to represent you in all working-conditions and human-resource policy matters. We are ready to listen to you, assist you and support you in all staff-matter challenges that you might encounter in Geel! We thank you once again for your trust and confidence.

Here are your Generation 2004 Geel staff representatives [3].

As usual, we are always glad to hear from you or to see your comments below!

[1] The results are to be published on MyIntracomm [4] (as they are for all elections).

What’s representativity [5]?