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Psychological support changes

Further to our October 2020 article: Avoiding surprises with JSIS when choosing a psychotherapist [1] please note that the JSIS updated its rules [2] in January 2021:

‘In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, JSIS facilitates access to psychological support, by exceptionally and temporarily removing the requirement to request prior authorisation for the first 5 sessions. In concrete terms, it is sufficient to:
— the practitioner must be professionally and legally recognised by the national health authorities to practise the profession in the country in which the service is provided
— the words ‘Covid Context Psychological Support’ must be visible on the official receipt supplied by the practitioner
— your claim for reimbursement is submitted via JSIS online using the label ‘Covid Context Psychological Support’ in the menu of types of reimbursement/benefits.’

Here’s the dedicated Staff Matters Psychotherapy web page [3].

If you need any help, contact relevant services [4], check out offers of assistance from colleagues (My IntraComm>Small Ads>Covid-19 volunteering [5]) or get in touch with Generation 2004 [6].


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As always, if you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us [8].