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How to increase your chances to get a promotion/reclassification in 2022?

Here is the presentation [1](note that the timetable for reclassification [2] is slightly  different) and here is the recording [3]. To access you must be connected to ECAS, and some browsers work better than others. If you have any difficulties,  contact us [4] and we’ll send the presentation to you.)

If you expect to be promoted/reclassified in 2022 or even just want to understand what happens behind the scenes between the self-assessment and the publication of the draft lists in June, this is the event for you: we will shed some light on the mystery [5]! This builds on our recent presentation on the self-assessment [6] where we offered one-to-one assistance.This latest presentation is, for example, if you want to know more about :

The annual promotion and reclassification decisions are taken by the Appointing Authority (AIPN), on the basis of

DGs and JPCs must determine who deserves a promotion/reclassification on the basis of a comparison of merits. While all officials and temporary agents (even Contract Agents 3b [7]!) might take part in the appraisal exercise. Only those who are eligible for promotion/reclassification (for officials, those who have been in the grade for at least 2 years) take part in the promotion/reclassification exercises.

The comparison of merits on which the promotion procedure is based takes into account:

Unfortunately, the system is more than a little flawed [8] and the system of quotas [9] can make or break [10] your promotion/reclassification dreams.


[1] The average promotion speeds for officials are laid down in the Staff Regulations Annex I.B [11] and here is our chart [12] with those percentages converted to years. Contract Agent (3a) promotion speeds can be found on page 3 of this document [13]. Unfortunately, CA 3b staff cannot be reclassified [7], meaning their appraisal has no rewards associated with it.

[2] Probation reports cannot and should not be used for promotion purposes [14].