2022 appraisal and promotion/reclassification exercises conference

*Check out our 20.01.2022 update on this very topic*

2022 is here and with it comes the annual appraisal exercise [1] (Commission staff: 5 January for the launch of appraisal self-assessments and 12 January for reclassification self-assessments). It is crucial to understand how this works because it will play a huge part in how your career will progress.

Generation 2004 organises a conference to explain and offer tips. We cover how to prepare your self-assessment and your one-on-one interview with your reporting officer [2].

For anyone who missed our annual conference on this topic (Tuesday, January 11 2022 between 12:30 and 14:30) here is the recording. The 2021 presentation is available here.

As usual, we will also offer one-on-one sessions to help colleagues by reviewing their self-assessments. Here is the link to sign up for our assistance in reviewing your draft text.

Please be so kind as to prepare a first draft of your self-assessment; keep in mind we will help you improve it but not write it from scratch with you [3].

If you appreciate our work, please consider becoming a member of Generation 2004.


[1] Promotion/reclassification have slightly different timetables (generally reclassification starts 2 weeks after promotions), as do the different agencies (check your intranet for details) but they all begin with a self-evaluation. See DG HR, 2021, Human Resources in 2020 p. 97 point 2 or 2021 Annual Reclassification Exercise, slide 8 for figures on reclassification.

[2] Generation 2004 thanks the Harassment Watch Network for their input in the 2021 conference:  they subsequently published a related text: How you can and you are being harassed through the CDR process. And how the current system encourages that (23.07.2021)

[3] Please note that we might need 2-3 working days to do our part and include this time in your planning: it might not be feasible for us to deal with last-minute requests.

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