The post-2004 (and post-2014) problems

  • Generation 2004, 2013, The post-2004 problem
  • European Court of Auditors, 2019, Special report no 15/2019: Implementation of the 2014 staff reform package at the Commission – Big savings but not without consequences for staff
  • Annual pension accrual rates and retirement age were made worse with each staff reform (see Slide 13).

  • The AST/SC function group was created under the 2014 staff regulation reform. ‘When they retire, AST/SC colleagues will always get the minimum pension because that minimum will always be significantly higher than the basic retirement pension. The reason for this is that last basic salary of AST/SC, grade 6, is simply too low to cross the threshold.’ Stop the AST/SC exploitation NOW (14.06.2021). Note that an AST1/1 wage is used as a reference for the minimum pension because it is considered a ‘subsistence’ figure: AST/SC1 staff earn less than this.