Newsletter – 2021-12-16

2022 appraisal and promotion/reclassification exercises conference

*Check out our 20.01.2022 update on this very topic*

2022 is here and with it comes the annual appraisal exercise [1] (Commission staff: 5 January for the launch of appraisal self-assessments and 12 January for reclassification self-assessments). It is crucial to understand how this works because it will play a huge part in how your career will progress.

Generation 2004 organises a conference to explain and offer tips. We cover how to prepare your self-assessment and your one-on-one interview with your reporting officer [2]. Continue reading 2022 appraisal and promotion/reclassification exercises conference

Newsletter editorial – 16-12-2021

Welcome to the last Generation 2004 Newsletter of 2021 and to the end of another very unusual year: enjoy your end-of-year days and we wish you all a healthy and happy start to 2022!

Apologies in advance for adding to your potentially already-very-busy last week of work, but we’d like to ensure that you get 2022 off to the best possible start and don’t miss out on anything you’re due! We have a list of thing to check before closing down your computer for the last time in 2021 (a wonderful thought, we know!). Note that the deadline for participating in our collective action against the exclusive internal competition is Tuesday 21 December and also that we also have two events already organised for 2022: CBT training and our annual presentation on the self-evaluation.  We recount the experience of one of our intrepid colleagues in building an office chair with no instructions and we have a look at the changing attitude of the administration towards addressing Luxembourg housing costs. Lastly, we have a story to show what a ‘new normal’ might be without any real staff representation.

So, that’s it for 2021! Thanks to all of you for your support, ideas and feedback throughout the year, thanks to everyone who voted and let’s keep up the good work in 2022! Take care, stay healthy and enjoy reading!

Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year! It’s been a very particular year (again!), with the pandemic difficulties adding to those we’re more used to. Nevertheless we’d like you to know that we continue to raise your issues and fight on your side, even in the unprecedented perfect storm of circumstances we have been living for a while now: the ongoing (never-ending?) ‘new normal’ of a global pandemic, national lockdowns, sudden border closures, homeschooling-teleworking burnout, hybrid working, phases, bubbles and the ongoing insistence on moving still to dynamic open spaces, we are always here for you! Continue reading Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

Things to check before holidays start (Tips)

Well done on getting though another year of a global pandemic! While that brings its own challenges, there are perhaps some additional things worth checking before your well-deserved Christmas and New Year holiday leave.

Collective action on the very discriminatory internal competition for temporary agents (TAs) only: to join our collective action please apply for this internal competition by 21 December 2021. Continue reading Things to check before holidays start (Tips)

Housing costs in Luxembourg: recognition?

*update 01.04.2022 Corporate Management Board meeting of 30 March 2022 – Flash note: ‘12 actions are being proposed to increase the attractiveness of Luxembourg as place of employment’*

Colleagues in Luxembourg are facing today (well … for over a decade really) house prices that are in no way comparable to those in Brussels, although they receive the same salaries. In the words of DG HR: “This […] has been subject to criticism by some staff members whose place of employment is Luxembourg, who have argued that it does not properly reflect differences in the cost of living between Brussels and Luxembourg.” Continue reading Housing costs in Luxembourg: recognition?

Brave new world at the Commission: the day the staff representation was abolished

I wake up and it is just another ordinary day. I prepare breakfast and get my child ready. Then head to the crèche before going to the office.

But to my great surprise, the crèche is closed. Nobody seems to be around. When I finally spot someone I know, I ask what is going on. Maybe a strike? “Not really. Weren’t you informed? This service is not provided any more to Commission staff. You need to find a place in a local crèche. And considering how crowded they are, good luck!” Continue reading Brave new world at the Commission: the day the staff representation was abolished

Home office kit – assembling the chair

As you hopefully know, the Commission is offering most (but sadly not all [1]) of us a home-office kit including an ergonomic chair [2]. After having battled for so long on this topic, the team of Generation 2004 did not want to let the opportunity pass to test-drive this offer and participate in this scheme as well. The ordering process is relatively painless, although delivery of the chair took a couple of weeks. From the outside, the chair looks to be of good quality. So, if you are still hesitating whether the offer is worth the trouble, we can recommend it. Continue reading Home office kit – assembling the chair

Internal competitions – Time for collective action!

*Please see 27.01.2021 update*

In the wake of the announcement by DG HR of yet another very discriminatory internal competition (IC), Generation 2004 organised a conference to debate the matter. According to our analysis, this IC excludes over 16 000 potentially eligible candidates. Although other institutions allow anyone who meets the education and experience criteria to take part, the Commission is definitely doing it differently. Continue reading Internal competitions – Time for collective action!

EPSO CBT/internal competition training: January

Generation 2004 is organising more training: computer-based multiple-choice test (CBT) training and AD5 internal competition training.

CBT (verbal, numerical, abstract) in English

This training is to provide you with techniques to pass the CBT phase of any European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) competition. Check ongoing EPSO selection procedures for CBT dates.  Continue reading EPSO CBT/internal competition training: January