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Generation 2004 is hiring!

*Deadline for application: Friday 20 January 2023 16.00 CET.*

Generation 2004 is the largest staff organisation in the Commission. We are a dynamic and motivated team of 16 colleagues who are highly committed to supporting staff in all HR-related matters. We are looking for a motivated colleague to join us. This would be a full-time job where you will be seconded from your service to Generation 2004.  Continue reading Generation 2004 is hiring!

Certification: 5 days to appeal non-inclusion

Well done and good luck to the 100 colleagues selected for interview: you’ve come this far, keep up the hard work! To everyone else, you have the option of appealing your non-inclusion, essentially asking the Joint Certification Committee to have a second look at your file.  Who can appeal?  We count a potential 209 colleagues: the 194 colleagues whose application was considered eligible, but who were not selected for interview and the 15 colleagues whose application was not considered eligible. You can all appeal, but you must act fast. You have only 5 Commission working days starting from 05.01.2023. Please draft your text now! Continue reading Certification: 5 days to appeal non-inclusion

Colleagues in Kyiv to return to the office II

Since our last update on our Kyiv colleagues, we have been reaching out to colleagues of all categories in Kyiv. Hardship there continues: a situation ongoing since the outbreak of war (February 2022). Kyiv has been frequently shelled, there are power cuts many hours throughout the day; there are water shortages; sirens are going off frequently. The situation on the ground is extremely unsettling and it is impossible to have predictability on how long this will continue. Continue reading Colleagues in Kyiv to return to the office II

Promotion/reclassification exercises 2022

As happens every year, the promotion (officials) and reclassification (contract agents) exercises end with the publication of the final lists (officials and Contract Agents). The list for local agents in Delegations and Representations is normally published around 4 working days later. If your name is on the list you will be promoted/reclassified (changes will be visible in your December 2022 payslip (together with the 4.5% salary increase backdated to July 2022)) and Generation 2004 would like to warmly congratulate you. Continue reading Promotion/reclassification exercises 2022

EEAS: discriminatory treatment of AST/SC staff

Unfortunately, we have yet another example of circumstances where our secretary and clerk (AST/SC) colleagues are again treated unfairly, this time not within the Commission itself, but in the European External Action Service (EEAS) with its 144 EU Delegations around the world, specifically when it comes to applying for jobs there (‘postings’). We remind you that AST/SC is the smallest, most restricted and newest of all three function groups for officials, it’s been around only 8 years: it was created by the 2014 staff regulation reform. Continue reading EEAS: discriminatory treatment of AST/SC staff

Workshop-webinar: EPSO/AD/401/22 AD6 energy, climate and environment

Generation 2004 in cooperation with the company YSE will offer a  workshop-webinar on the application process for the competition: EPSO/AD/401/22 – Administrators (AD 6) in the fields of energy, climate and environment. We will focus on practical aspects of the application, how to describe work experience, answer the questions of the talent screener and discuss the most common mistakes made by the candidates.  At the end, 30 min of Q&A are for your questions. Continue reading Workshop-webinar: EPSO/AD/401/22 AD6 energy, climate and environment

Interim staff access to training: you asked, we acted!

One of our members got in touch to say that interim agents have no access to EU Learn. We immediately contacted the EU Learn team and asked them to explain how newly recruited interim agents can enrol in the Commission training courses needed to perform their job effectively and efficiently if they are denied access to EU Learn. Continue reading Interim staff access to training: you asked, we acted!

Annual Salary Adjustment 2022 +4.5%

*Eurostat update to the Correction coefficient can be found on p. 34 of their report and it is now official on MyIntracomm (13.12.2022)*

*Update 08.11.2022 to clarify: this 4.5% is in addition to the general intermediate salary update announced in June 2022. For correction coefficient updates and SNEs please check below [1].* Almost everyone, unfortunately with the exception of our local agent (LA) colleagues, will receive a 4.5% salary increase, with retroactive effect from 1 July 2022, to maintain equality with the developments in the Member States. For more info, check the Eurostat Report on the 2022 annual update of remuneration and pensions of EU officials (28.10.2022). Continue reading Annual Salary Adjustment 2022 +4.5%

When is an upgrade not an upgrade? An update on the Picard case

*Update 19.12.2022 C-366/21 P was successful! Well done to everyone involved! Here’s an external evaluation of the case.* Legally speaking, is a contract renewal really a contract renewal? Is a second (or subsequent) contract considered to be a new stand-alone agreement or is it a continuation of an already-existing agreement? Given that contract agents (CAs) are now 25% of Commission staff [1] and will all require at least one contract renewal if they are to have their maximum (6 years plus the ‘unicorn’ year), the outcome of the long-drawn-out Picard case (T-769/16) affects a growing number of colleagues. This is particularly important in the context of long-standing rumours on the Continue reading When is an upgrade not an upgrade? An update on the Picard case

Commission to respect expected salary adjustment for some, but not for all

*Update 03.11.2022: Eurostat has published the final figures on the increase for Commission staff in its report.* Against the backdrop of increasing prices and rising inflation and during a period that is, for many staff, the summer break, the Council requested the Commission analyse how to further cut expenditure on staff, asking for a response by the end of September 2022. The Council was specifically targeting the salary updates intended to address inflation. Continue reading Commission to respect expected salary adjustment for some, but not for all