*Update 08.07.2022: you can also take the same action (apply and appeal the rejection) for the 2022 internal competitions. We are also organising training for August 2022.*

Another Internal Competition has just been announced which is exclusively open to Temporary Agents (TAs), i.e. mainly cabinet staff (‘parachutage’?) as well as our JPP ”Jeunesse dorée”. Oops HR did it again

While, in the interest of fairness and equal career opportunities, we have repeatedly demanded to allow ASTs, AST-SCs and CAs to participate in internal competitions, HR has again been cooking up a tailor-made scheme for a certain group. In addition, this small group will not be even required to pass a CBT on verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning like M. or Mme. Tout le monde, which is the usual requirement in EPSO external competitions to become an official.

Why are ASTs, AST-SCs and CAs excluded?

The answer is simple.

Most probably, including 16 044 potentially eligible candidates (according to the HR data here) – that could meet the criteria in terms of education and experience – would result in too much of a real competition to this group and, of course, would make it more of an effort for HR to run this parachutage scheme.

Colleagues are rightly upset. Please see our note to Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

Are they taking us for fools?

Let’s fight this system of discrimination and hypocrisy!

We are also organising CBT training and competition-specific training. If you’re interested get in touch!

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