ING Lux client? Act now!

*Update 12.06.2024: many thanks to the colleague who provided the new workaround added below. We have updated the references to ‘local bank account’ to accommodate this new information.*

Original article: If you have a Luxembourg ING bank account please act quickly to ensure that you receive your August salary. We calculate that you must not only have a new account in place but also have it approved within the FiLIP application by Thursday 20.06.2024 to avoid problems. We’ve sent a note to PMO to ask what workarounds they have in place and whether they’re ready for this additional (and sudden) increase in workload. Continue reading ING Lux client? Act now!

Two years on, what’s happening with the 12 actions for Luxembourg?

*Update 12.05.2024, HR published an ‘upddate’ on the ‘progress’ made: Update on progress – Living and working conditions for staff in Luxembourg. Again, if you can find something (anything!) tangible there or elsewhere, get in touch, we’d love to see it!*

Original article: We’ve been following the 12 CALux actions to address the interinstitutional difficulties of recruiting Continue reading Two years on, what’s happening with the 12 actions for Luxembourg?

Electric vehicle (EV) charging-point disparity

*Update 15.05.2024: OIL promises  future provision of EV chargers in Luxembourg, without providing a concrete timeline.*

Original article: Generation 2004 has written to OIL, OIB and the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) to ask about the disparity in electric vehicle (EV) charging-point provision between Commission sites in Luxembourg and elsewhere, including Brussels. There is a further disparity in the EV charging provision between the different institutions present in Luxembourg e.g. the European Parliament[1]. We ask how OIL intends to explain and address this gap.

Continue reading Electric vehicle (EV) charging-point disparity

Your opinion matters – Canteens and Cafeterias – evaluation survey

*Update 17.04.2024 We continue to pursue a canteen-price-reduction scheme for Brussels, like the long-standing one in Luxembourg. We continue to see very limited progress.*

Original article: The wellbeing of European Commission staff is of paramount importance for Generation 2004. Years after the lifting of pandemic restrictions, Continue reading Your opinion matters – Canteens and Cafeterias – evaluation survey

Is e-voting the right tool for the JRC?

*Update 12.12.2023, DG HR has provided updated figures for all sites (officials, TAs and CAs). We have added them below.* Digitalisation is everywhere: we pay electronically, we get our news and movies digitally and we even meet online. While some types of human interaction would, ideally, never be replaced, many routine administrative activities can certainly benefit from going digital. Nevertheless, it’s important to include those who will use new systems and procedures in the decision-making process: while we might save on queuing with e-Voting, are we maybe missing out somewhere else? Continue reading Is e-voting the right tool for the JRC?

Welcome to the Hotel Commission

*Update 23.11.2023, thanks to the colleagues who shared their ideas on this situation, we have added their observations below.*

Original article: Luxembourg is a great place to work,  you just have to find somewhere to live first! In its increasingly desperate attempts to do nothing of substance (12 actions for Luxembourg, for example), while still claiming to be working on increasing the attractivity of Luxembourg as a workplace, the Commission now seems to have resorted to the roadmap set out in a classic song. Continue reading Welcome to the Hotel Commission

Making informed decisions: Luxembourg

*Update 12.04.2024 the Commission now commits certain new Luxembourg recruits to completing a minimum stay of several years while simultaneously trying to push Luxembourg as an attractive place to work (Student Ambassadors) and without addressing  any  the outstanding 12 actions.*

Original article: Have you considered that your competition may include roles in Luxembourg? Continue reading Making informed decisions: Luxembourg

Minimum wage in Luxembourg for contract agents – Parliament shows the way

*Update 04.01.2024, our Contract Agent petition at the European Parliament is still open, please sign it!* *Update 01.09.2023: the social minimum wage for Luxembourg is now 3085.11 EUR gross (or 2570.93 EUR for unskilled workers).*

Original article: In March we wrote about a glimmer of hope for contract agents in Luxembourg, who are earning less than the national minimum wage and need a special allowance just to touch this very minimum. The problem is that the Commission includes a number of EU allowances when comparing the salaries to determine the amount of this special allowance (see Commission decision C(2015) 4907 and the administrative notice 07-2017, March 2017): most notably, the expatriation allowance is included in the calculation. Continue reading Minimum wage in Luxembourg for contract agents – Parliament shows the way

Meeting the Head of Cabinet: it’s all about the money

*Update 09.10.2023 please participate in the Commission survey on the environmental impact of teleworking: deadline 11.10.2023. These emmissions must also be counted in greening the Commission!* Original article: Here are the issues we  raised at the OSPs meeting with David Mueller, the Head of Commissioner Hahn’s (budget and administration) Cabinet (15.03.2023). We are all aware that we are reasonably consistently in a series of difficult situations which require additional financial resources and which put the EU Budget under pressure. But we did get an earworm during that meeting: Continue reading Meeting the Head of Cabinet: it’s all about the money

Signature authentication and certified true copies: yes and no

*Update 04.03.2024 Luxembourg charges removed, see below.*

Original article: In spite of our increasingly digital existence we do sometimes still have to resort to paper-based transactions. Unfortunately, while the Brussels Welcome Office of the European Commission can offer a signature-authentication or certified-true-copy service (almost like a notary!) free of charge, other sites, such as Luxembourg, offer no corresponding service, free or otherwise. The Brussels welcome office even checks rental contracts, great, eh? (For those able to use the service, of course). Continue reading Signature authentication and certified true copies: yes and no