Streamlining the Family Allowance Process: A Welcome Change for EU Staff in Belgium

We will not claim that PMO reacted to our note of May and implemented the new system within this one month. But we do believe that we gave a bit of a push.  Lately, the European Union’s Personnel Management Office (PMO) has been under scrutiny due to prolonged delays in processing school fee reimbursements and third-party allowances.

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ING Lux client? Act now!

*Update 12.06.2024: many thanks to the colleague who provided the new workaround added below. We have updated the references to ‘local bank account’ to accommodate this new information.*

Original article: If you have a Luxembourg ING bank account please act quickly to ensure that you receive your August salary. We calculate that you must not only have a new account in place but also have it approved within the FiLIP application by Thursday 20.06.2024 to avoid problems. We’ve sent a note to PMO to ask what workarounds they have in place and whether they’re ready for this additional (and sudden) increase in workload. Continue reading ING Lux client? Act now!

Another positive PMO story

Welcome to the latest of your positive PMO stories. We highlight again how much it comes down to the goodwill of our PMO colleagues and on their willingness to intervene manually to fill the gaps between different systems and processes. In this edition a PMO colleague ensured a colleague claimed the disability-related reimbursements they were entitled to. To that PMO colleague, thanks so much for doing this: it made an enormous difference! Continue reading Another positive PMO story

A positive PMO story

Apologies for the time taken in publishing your positive PMO stories. Here we share the first of the many stories received: one highlighting where the complex  landscape of the PMO  could easily work against the well-being of anyone who has to interact with it, particularly in situations which are already stressful. Here we take the time to appreciate how much the good functioning of those systems can depend Continue reading A positive PMO story

Your health: seeking transparency and action

At the last meeting of the Local Staff Committee of Brussels, DG HR shared significant data regarding sickness leave and invalidity. They underlined that some of these data require further analysis which they intend to conduct to clarify reasons why, for example, more women than men are reported sick.   Continue reading Your health: seeking transparency and action

Share your positive PMO story

Generation 2004 tries to give credit where credit is due. We also give constructive feedback where we find that there are systems in place which work against the well-being of all the colleagues who have to interact with those systems. Generation 2004 sees that many front-line colleagues are not given recognition for the work they do and the difference they make. Rigid rules can make life difficult both for those applying those rules and for those who find themselves subject to them. Continue reading Share your positive PMO story

Reimbursed amount = 0 €

*Update 03.03.2024: the contact number listed on p.2 of the account sheet is out of date, please use number listed here.* Original article: This can and does happen relatively frequently. First of all, don’t panic! But please do be aware that there is a 3-month time limit[1] on taking a non-reimbursement issue as far as you can before embarking on legal action. Challenging a decision not to reimburse is therefore not an administrative step to save for when you have the time, you really do have to make the time (especially if you need to get a more detailed bill from the health-service provider, for example or investigate whether a precedent has been set for reimbursement). Continue reading Reimbursed amount = 0 €

End-of-year checklist 2023

*Update 20.12.2023: 2 weeks after the equivalent announcement for Brussels-based staff, HR Luxembourg have announced (email) that staff outside Brussels can also telework 100% until the general return to the office 08.01.2024:  ‘Staff in Brussels, Grange, and JRC sites are authorised to telework during this time. To ensure uniformity on working conditions across our locations’**Update 05.12.2023: here are building closures and alternatives in Brussels, but we don’t (yet) see equivalent information for other places of work e.g. Grange or Luxembourg. Remember you have the right to work from the office 100% if you so wish (and you are prepared for the temperatures there).[*]* Continue reading End-of-year checklist 2023

Annual salary update 2023 

*Update 13.12.2023, those who took time credit leave  while also making full pension contributions will have seen a (small) drop in salary in December.* Update 17.11.2023 many of you got in touch to mention the end of the solidarity levy. Unfortunately, this is extremely unlikely to happen, but we do always appreciate your input, please continue to send us your ideas and sources thanks!*

Original article: The news is out, Eurostat has published its report on the 2023 annual update and the residual salary update amounts to +1.0%, after the intermediate update from June.  This is far better than what we had hoped for, so this good news. Continue reading Annual salary update 2023 

No EU allowances unless you first try elsewhere

It’s always nice to get financial support (e.g. family allowances), and some of us can get it from either our institution or a national authority.  While this is a fortunate situation, it is quite clear that you should not be paid twice for the same request, whether that is for your medical expenses or allowances for your children. The staff regulations are quite clear in this respect, and we all have to declare any allowances received from national sources (check out our IDOC article).

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