Brussels LSC and the Interpreters’ Delegation

‘The staff committees represent the interests of the staff vis-à-vis the Institution and contributes to the smooth running of the service.’ (Staff Matters)

Generation 2004 objects to the way the Brussels Local Staff Committee (LSC) appears to be imposing rules on the Interpreters’ Delegation.

This delegation is the group which ‘defends the interests of permanent interpreters, and advises the Staff Committee on all questions related to DG Interpretation’. While the delegation is dependent on the Brussels LSC, any change of rules should come from the delegation itself, (subsidiarity, right?) and not be imposed on them by the Brussels LSC, as appears to be the case recently.

Any and all changes to the rules of a delegation must be for the benefit of the delegation and the staff it represents, first and foremost. LSCs do not have the right to impose changes on any interest group or delegation ‘just because’: the current and still-valid interpreters’ delegation rules were accepted by the Brussels LSC only a couple of years ago and were also accepted at the interpreters’ general assembly. A unilateral change ‘imposed’ from ‘above’ gives a terrible image of the staff representation in general and of its compliance with its duty of service to, and representation of, our colleagues.  Generation 2004 has the impression (as should any reasonable LSC member) that the Brussels LSC has taken decisions based on incomplete and misleading information: the LSC members were not in possession of the  full facts concerning the real situation and real-life events.

Generation 2004 asks for the Brussels LSC as a whole and its president to take stock of the situation, remove the conditions it has chosen to attach to actions and to do the right thing. Please start with looking again at the Interpreters’ Delegation election procedure and remove any preconditions imposed by the LSC . Our delegation colleagues have been left with the impression that they either ‘change their rules or there are no elections’: a lamentable image to have of any LSC. Delegations or any other professional interest group in European Commission should not be a political playground of any trade union or staff association (OSP).

We have been there in the past and it did not work well for staff.

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