Electric vehicle (EV) charging-point disparity

Generation 2004 has written to OIL, OIB and EMAS to ask about the disparity in electric vehicle (EV) charging-point provision between Commission sites in Luxembourg and elsewhere, including Brussels. There is a further disparity in the EV charging provision between the different institutions present in Luxembourg e.g. the European Parliament[1]. We ask how OIL intends to explain and address this gap.

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Immobile remboursements via

*Update 09.04.2024 We have sent a follow-up (with user testimonies) to the HR response of 15.03.2024.* Original article: Brussels-based officials, temporary staff or contract agents, Generation 2004 has heard your dissatisfaction regarding the process of (partial) ticket reimbursement via loud and clear…

Picture this: You enrolled[1] in the system all those months ago and have had to wait until your third monthly ticket expires before being eligible to submit a request for the Commission to contribute to your travel costs. Continue reading Immobile remboursements via

Your opinion matters – Canteens and Cafeterias – evaluation survey

The wellbeing of European Commission staff is of paramount importance for Generation 2004. Years after the lifting of pandemic restrictions, the catering service in many Commission premises is far from returning to its pre-pandemic state. We recognise that the hybrid working mode, now a permanent way of working, reduces the number of staff in buildings and as such necessarily impacts the corresponding footfall at canteens and cafeterias. Nevertheless does the food service offered meet the needs of staff? Continue reading Your opinion matters – Canteens and Cafeterias – evaluation survey

Belgian tax certificate: childcare costs for 2023

*Deadline extended to Friday 19.01.2024* Parents in Belgium: if you are in a household subject to Belgian taxation and you wish to benefit from the tax reduction in accordance with Belgian legislation you need to request this via MyIntracomm, it is not automatic. Please don’t miss out on what you’re entitled to! Continue reading Belgian tax certificate: childcare costs for 2023

Is e-voting the right tool for the JRC?

*Update 12.12.2023, DG HR has provided updated figures for all sites (officials, TAs and CAs). We have added them below.* Digitalisation is everywhere: we pay electronically, we get our news and movies digitally and we even meet online. While some types of human interaction would, ideally, never be replaced, many routine administrative activities can certainly benefit from going digital. Nevertheless, it’s important to include those who will use new systems and procedures in the decision-making process: while we might save on queuing with e-Voting, are we maybe missing out somewhere else? Continue reading Is e-voting the right tool for the JRC?

Breaking Barriers: AST/SC colleagues may change function group?

*Update 04.01.2024: The AST competition which will be open to AST/SC colleagues originally promised for December is now for January. Follow all internal competitions here.* Original article: While we are thrilled to announce that our efforts have contributed to the announcement by DG HR, that in future, colleagues might have the opportunity to change function groups through internal competitions, it remains to be seen whether this inclusiveness is genuine or something which exists in theory only.  The wording of the announcement is for movement ‘within each function group’ but it does also mention specialised competitions which might include a ‘wider mix of staff categories and function groups’; a measured success.

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Grange childcare: loss of trust!

The European Commission has many sites, some bigger ones, like Brussels, Luxembourg and Ispra, some smaller ones like the smaller JRC sites (Karlsruhe, Geel, Seville) or the satellite site in Grange, Ireland (technically part of Brussels) – home to directorate F (‘Health and food audits and analysis’) of DG SANTE and some colleagues from DGT – not to forget the support staff from the different offices. Continue reading Grange childcare: loss of trust!

Signature authentication and certified true copies: yes and no

*Update 04.03.2024 Luxembourg charges removed, see below.*

Original article: In spite of our increasingly digital existence we do sometimes still have to resort to paper-based transactions. Unfortunately, while the Brussels Welcome Office of the European Commission can offer a signature-authentication or certified-true-copy service (almost like a notary!) free of charge, other sites, such as Luxembourg, offer no corresponding service, free or otherwise. The Brussels welcome office even checks rental contracts, great, eh? (For those able to use the service, of course). Continue reading Signature authentication and certified true copies: yes and no

The annual medical check-up: the ‘new normal’

*Update 03.03.2023 clarification of the changes announced for mid-February:  tests previously covered by «bons roses»[*] are now to be done via the health screening programme in order to be reimbursed at 100% e.g. a gynecological check up.*[**]

Original article: We start with some context: the annual medical check-up, that obligation that is not generally enforced, is done by only around 1/3 of staff [1]. Why might this be? Well, cost is an issue: while the check-up itself and associated laboratory tests are normally reimbursed at 100%, anything stemming from that check-up (‘diagnostic examinations’ or ‘additional treatments’, for example) will be reimbursed in the normal way (85% up to set ceilings which may or may not correspond to reality, we hear you Luxembourg [2]). Continue reading The annual medical check-up: the ‘new normal’

Generation 2004 is hiring a Brussels-based IT specialist

*Deadline for application: Friday 23 September 2022 23.59 CET.*

Generation 2004, the largest staff organisation in the Commission, is looking for a motivated colleague to reinforce our team in Brussels. It is a full-time job where you will be seconded from your service to Generation 2004. Please beware that the colleague selected must already be placed in Brussels.

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