Certification procedure 2019

The 2019 Certification procedure call for applications is now open until 9 October 2019. The Certification, a procedure based on Article 45a of Staff Regulations, allows AST colleagues to get on the AD ship. There are of course some preconditions and procedures in order to be eligible for the certification. The most important is that you are already AST 5 or above and that in the previous 3 appraisal exercises you were marked as having “the potential required to take on the functions of an AD” by your reporting officer.

Deadline for the application is the 9th of October 2019. Applications must be done in Sysper.

Please check the procedure here.

In any case, the position of Generation 2004 on the Certification did not change.

  1. We strongly believe the exercise excludes more colleagues than it should and we demand a substantial increase in the number of AST colleagues allowed to become AD via Certification. In this respect, we should remind that in the early years of the Certification procedure the number of allowed colleagues was 120 per year. However, once AST colleagues hired post April 2004 neared the grade when they were certifiable the number dropped to 50, a 58% drop.
    This was another example of discrimination towards post-2004 colleagues and we immediately demanded its redress. In subsequent years, the number slightly increased to 60. Today, adding insult to injury, the Commission administration drops the number again to 50…We are speechless…
  2. We also demand that AST 4 colleagues can be flagged as having “the potential required to take on the functions of an AD”. This would allow them to be immediately certifiable as soon as they are promoted to AST5 and not have to wait two more years in that grade. This is something that was also possible in the past but has also been stopped, which is, yet again, discriminatory towards colleagues that are more recent. Can you spot the pattern here?
    We would also go further in our demand, and request that:

    1. the deadline call for certification shifts to start only after the publication of the lists of promotions (traditionally in November) or that
    2. AST 4 colleagues with two flags for having “the potential required to take on the functions of an AD” and are eligible for promotion may also apply and be accepted pending their positive promotion a few weeks later.
      Example: an AST 4 with the two flags would still not be able to apply in 2019 because his possible promotion to AST 5 would only be announced in November (after the deadline of the certification procedure of October 9th) regardless of the fact that the promotion would be retroactive to January.

Our observations in this field only allow us to conclude that the administration is forgetting about the huge potential found in the large number of AST (and even some AST/SC) colleagues already performing AD tasks. If it explored this gold mine instead of bending rules on the hiring of Temporary Agents, it would not only solve its AD staffing needs but would also increase the happiness level of its AST population. Hint: happiness is good for business!!!

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