AST event: all you ever wanted to know!

*Check out the AST3 competition published 22.09.2022* Generation 2004 is here to listen to you and your concerns and to develop together with you our positions on many work- and well-being-at-work- related issues, particularly those related to assistants (ASTs), a group of staff whose numbers are in steady decline. Continue reading AST event: all you ever wanted to know!

Certification: what’s being tested?

*Update 16.09.2022 Certification exercise 2022/23 dates are available: deadline for submission of the motivational text is Friday 7 October 2022*

All going well, the 2022/23 certification exercise call for applications should be published in the administrative notices (also here) in mid September with a deadline of early October, start drafting your pitch! We have been contacted in the meantime by colleagues who are interested in participating but who are disappointed by the lack of detailed information about the exams and the skills tested. Continue reading Certification: what’s being tested?

Certification: you asked, we answer!

*The 2021/22 exercise draft list is published (05.01.2022) well done and good luck to the 99 of the 333 eligible participants who pass to the next step! For any of you who want to appeal you have until midnight Wednesday 12.01.2021 to do so. Send us your text if you want us to have a look.*

You asked us (conference, 28.1.2021) how many assistants (ASTs) successfully complete the certification process (no mean feat!) but do not find an administrator (AD) post. This information is not so readily available but we’re good at digging and we asked HR to fill in some blanks and clear up discrepancies.

We count 1097 successful officials (the certifiés/those ’certified’ as apt [1]) in total from all 15 certification procedures to date (2005-2019 [2]) using HR reports for 2015 and 2019, together with administrative notices. HR confirms this count but provides figures which differ slightly from those published (see updated tables below [3]). Continue reading Certification: you asked, we answer!

Certified ASTs: an endangered species?

*2022/23 exercise to be launched in September 2022 (likely application deadline 07.10.2022)*

Belated congratulations to our 42 colleagues declared certifié in December 2020: they now finally begin the very last stage in this long and arduous quest, that of finding an AD post, well done and good luck in your search! Continue reading Certified ASTs: an endangered species?

Certification in the JRC – one size does not fit all

The numbers speak an unmistakable language.  The success rate of JRC ASTs in the certification procedure is considerably below that of ASTs from other DGs. While JRC’s ASTs accounted for approximately 9.5% of all ASTs in the Commission in 2019 [1], henceforth considered to be the benchmark, their share of certifications is much lower and persistently so (Figure 1): Except for a one-off-high in 2016 with a share of 7% (although still below 9.5%), the share of certifications in other years was much lower. Continue reading Certification in the JRC – one size does not fit all

Certification procedure 2019

The 2019 Certification procedure call for applications is now open until 9 October 2019. The Certification, a procedure based on Article 45a of Staff Regulations, allows AST colleagues to get on the AD ship. There are of course some preconditions and procedures in order to be eligible for the certification. The most important is that you are already AST 5 or above and that in 2 of the previous 3 appraisal exercises you were marked as having “the potential required to take on the functions of an AD” by your reporting officer.

Deadline for the application is the 9th of October 2019. Applications must be done in Sysper. Continue reading Certification procedure 2019

The pink bubble of wishful thinking and the truth about AST career future

On 8 March Generation 2004 organized a lunchtime conference dedicated to the career prospects for AST colleagues. The date was chosen deliberately as a reminder for the predominantly female gender ratio in the AST category. And while at a parallel event organized by DG HR on the same day, colleagues were presented a pink-optimistic picture about the career prospects for females in the Commission, we spoke facts (see presentation here): since 2004 there was a deliberate policy of juniorisation of recruitment with a consequent even more deliberate framing of the recruited in the AST category. Continue reading The pink bubble of wishful thinking and the truth about AST career future

Candy Crush 2014

OCTOBER 2014 – Candy Crush 2014: How DG HR plans to circumvent the statute and use more EU admin budget to benefit top-earners without management responsibility


You may remember that in our June newsletter we had expressed the hope that the Commission would make positive use of the new provisions in the staff regulations, which (justifiably) limit the career progression of AD12+ staff without any management responsibility. Continue reading Candy Crush 2014