European schools: Finally a small step in the right direction

It looks like our wishes have been heard and our concerns addressed.

In our last newsletter, we addressed the issues on management of teacher recruitments in European Schools.

We were happy to see in a recently published article in Commission Direct that at least one person took the issue seriously. Thank you for that Mr Oettinger, we appreciated the effort. However, we would really like to see the results on the ground, as soon as possible, and please keep in mind Generation 2004 is always ready to help.

In connection with  already mentioned above that  Generation 2004 is addressing with the specific to BREXIT issues is UK contribution to the European School System.

Well the UK Department for Education confirmed the common understanding that, in case of a no-deal Brexit the UK will continue to contribute to the European School system by seconding teachers, national inspectors and providing necessary national experts for the organisation of  European Baccalaureate till the end of school year 2019/2020.

At the same time we have the  assurances that the UK will recognise the European Baccalaureate automatically if the European Baccalaureate is acquired before 31 August 2020. The same is with the rights to be admitted to any of the UK University under the condition that the European Baccalaureate is issued before same date. What happens after is a million pound question however at least seconded teachers for now are no longer under “at risk of redundancy” status.


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