External health insurance as a supplement to JSIS

With this article, we start a series of short articles about our health insurance system and the existing possibilities for supplementary health insurance. We do not recommend any specific insurance and, after reading the articles, you might conclude that you do not need anything more than the standard Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme (JSIS) coverage. However, we want to enable you to make an informed decision.

As an employee of the European Institutions, your health care charges are normally reimbursed by the JSIS. Generally, the expenses are refunded at the rate of 80% or 85%. However, already at this level, there are a number of important points to keep in mind:

 For a number of treatments, there are ceilings on the reimbursements and there are rules on excessively high fees. The  part that remains to be paid by you can reach high levels in  expensive countries (e.g. the United States, Switzerland and others).

JSIS does not reimburse the cost of repatriation in case that you or one of your insured family members falls ill abroad.

As long as you are in active employment, JSIS will reimburse medical costs due to an accident at 100%. But this does not apply to:

  •  colleagues on CCP
  • partners of active colleagues
  •  children

Of course, JSIS will always reimburse the medical costs after an accident at the normal levels of 80% or 85%.

A number of private insurance companies offer a complementary health insurance policy, tailored to the specificities of our health scheme. These policies will usually cover the part of the medical bill that JSIS does not cover. Generally, the schemes fall into one of two categories depending on which expenses they cover:

1.       Hospitalisation only
These schemes cover the cost of treatments in hospitals (when you have to stay at least one night). Often, one-day clinic (also known as ambulant surgery) is also included. Normal medical treatments, e.g. normal visits to your family doctor, and pharmaceuticals are not included. As these schemes cover only “major” risks, they are cheaper than all-encompassing insurance policies. Typical premiums are between 70-300 EUR/year.

2.       Hospitalisation and other medical expenses
These schemes cover the cost of hospitalisation plus the costs of other, “normal” medical expenses. They are usually much more expensive with a ballpark figure of 2200 EUR/year.

In the next article we will look more into the criteria to consider when choosing a supplementary insurance. Of course, if you have any questions, please contact us!

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