Follow-up on last week’s fight for climate

Generation2004 supports the EUStaff4Climate initiative, a bottom-up initiative of colleagues exercising their rights as EU citizens concerned about our common future and the future of our children while staying fully loyal to our institutions. Formed in March this year, the group has come up with a petition of EU staff addressed to EU leaders and has participated in many climate events. Many of our members take active part in this initiative – thank you for this! We want to give you a short update concerning two recent events in Brussels in which our members and other colleagues from EUStaff4Climate were involved:

  • On 20 September a 150-200 strong group of staff, from across all the EU institutions marched in the global Climate Strike demanding urgent actions to deal with the planetary climate, ecological and social crisis into which we are all heading.
    EUstaff4climate and Generation 2004 recognise that everybody in one’s their own capacity needs to play one’s their part in fighting this ecological and social crisis. Please see few photos.
  • On 22 September we saw the first public appearance for EUstaff4climate: an involved colleague and elected Generation 2004 representative, P. Rapacz, gave a speech at the Rise for Climate Belgium gathering, along other civil society organisations. He stressed that civil servants working in the EU institutions have also civic obligations as citizens and parents, and outlined the main points of the EUStaff4Climate petition addressed to the EU leaders. The petition has attracted already more than 10 200 signatures; making it the most successful collective initiative of EU staff so far – you may read and sign it here. The conclusion of the speech: “We are committed as civil servants to act in the public interest, and saving the planet is the biggest public interest there is”, is something Generation 2004 also fully supports. You can watch the full intervention of Piotr here.

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