Newsletter #39 – Feb 2020

Positive change at the Brussels Local Staff Committee

Last December, Generation 2004 reported on the malfunctioning of the Brussels Local Staff Committee (LSC). As stated, at the 11 February 2020 LSC plenary session we eventually proposed a motion of censure to call for a vote of no confidence.
We are glad to announce that shortly after our intervention the President of the LSC resigned from the post with immediate effect.
Generation 2004 finds it very unfortunate that during the last few months, the situation at the LSC Brussels became so critical that DG HR took the spontaneous decision to appoint an observer to the LSC plenary sessions. An unprecedented move in staff representation history, which will hopefully end when a new president is elected.
As usual, Generation 2004 will conference with all other elected members and constructively discuss the way forward towards the proper functioning of this very important body. We have proven during the 2015-2018 mandate of the LSC how well it can and should perform for the good of Brussels staff.

Generation 2004 is hiring a Secretary at the European Commission in Brussels

For our daily work ‘For the many, not the few’ Generation 2004 employs a team of committed and hardworking colleagues.

If you are a Contract Agent FG II you can join this team, as Generation 2004 is hiring for its headquarters in Brussels a full-time secretary. If you are not eligible but you know someone that is and that you believe could be interested in the job, please feel free to let the person know. Continue reading Generation 2004 is hiring a Secretary at the European Commission in Brussels