Achievements of the Brussels Local Staff Committee during the term 2015-2018

The 2015 Brussels Local Staff Committee (LSC) elections marked a historical change in the staff representation. Generation 2004 as its winner, albeit obtaining 7 out of 27 seats, took its responsibility for the 2015-2018 mandate. Today with pride we can claim that we achieved a lot and obtained several positive results.

From the start the Local Staff Committee was on Generation 2004’s priority list. That is the reason why most of its resources, 4 out of 4.5 secondments, were assured by Generation 2004. Before the 2015-2018 term there were 13.75 seconded colleagues from different trade unions and staff associations and who decided to abandon ship after Generation 2004 took the wheel.

Together Łukasz Wardyn, the LSC President and Paola Pagliarulo, the LSC Secretary-General (both members of Generation 2004), organised over 40 plenary sessions and 44 meetings of the Bureau of the Local Staff Committee.

The main challenge was to reform the 26-year-old internal rules of procedure of the LSC as well as the reform of the Delegations of the LSC (drivers, interpreters, nurseries and childcare facilities).

Additional internal reforms were implemented in order to lay the foundation for an efficient and effective well-functioning LSC aiming at giving the staff committee back to staff.

The LSC was dealing with throughout the term with: European Schools, nurseries and after-school facilities, security issues, open space, mobility plan, air quality/noise pollution and GSM antennas. Many of these collective issues were brought to the attention to OIB, PMO and HR with over 200 ARES notes.

The LSC organized a number of events, such as conferences (on mobility), trainings (on negotiations), roundtable meetings and volunteering day which were a very big success.

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